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  • Google+ Invite Process Shut Down Amid 'Insane Demand'

    A day after Google unveiled <a href="">its brand new social networking service</a> Google+, the company decided to open up the invitation process late Wedne...

  • News Corp. unloads MySpace

    MySpace, which dominated the social-networking market in the mid-2000s before Facebook eclipsed it, has been sold by its parent company News Corp. to digital media company Specific Media.

  • Facebook Says Users Aren't Leaving in Droves

    Facebook has questioned the accuracy suggesting <a href="">that the social networking giant's popularity in North America is declining</a>. The Insid...

  • How to Use Twitter Like a Pro

    Is your business on <a href="">Twitter</a>? It should be. The microblogging site has tweeted its way, 140 characters at a time, to the top of the social media ladder. With more than 200 million members sending out an estimated 65 m...

  • Woman Fired Over Totally Tame Tweet

    Compared to the Weinergate scandal, Pennsylvania's Vanessa Williams Twitter missive doesn't seem like a fire-able offense -- not by a long shot. The social media specialist at the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation was sent packing for wh...

  • Facebook Photo Tagging: A Privacy Guide

    Privacy advocates are up in arms over <a href="">Facebook's new facial recognition</a> technology that helps your friends tag you in photos on Facebook, but is...

  • Osama Bin Laden's hideout gets Google Maps treatment

    Google Maps fans have been in full satire mode writing reviews for what might be the site where American forces killed Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Shortly after President Obama spoke to the nation on Sunday, people scoured Google's satel...

  • Winklevoss twins vs. Facebook: Case closed

    The Winklevoss twins will have to settle with $160 million from their dispute with Facebook, an appeals court has said. The twins' epic argument with Mark Zuckerberg over the ownership of Facebook -- dramatized in the Oscar-winning movie &quot;The So...

  • MySpace Continues Its Freefall into Oblivion

    If you enjoy the unfolding drama of MySpace's slow descent into obscurity, you'll appreciate the latest stats. According to <a href="">TechCrunch and comScore</a>, MySpace tr...

  • Twitter: 1 billion 'tweets' are sent every week

    Twitter is celebrating its fifth birthday this month, so the company has released a fresh set of stats about its growth and usage, such as the fact that it took more than 3 years for users to send the first 1 billion "tweets," a feat now accomplished...

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