• IBM opens up Power design, partners with Google

    IBM will license designs of the Power microprocessor architecture to other companies including Google, in an effort to expand use of the architecture and reverse declines in its systems hardware business.

  • IBM makes a movie with just atoms, not large egos

    Though it's unlikely that film critics will ever demand an Academy Award for IBM's A Boy And His Atom, this doesn't change the fact that the short flick is still a bloody good movie--for something that occurs on a microscopic level, anyway.

  • The smartphone is 20 years old, believe it or not

    The breakneck pace of change in the smartphone world is well known: Since the iPhone catalyzed popular demand in 2007, development has been moving faster and faster, to the point where devices are out of date mere months after their release. However,...

  • Cray to build supercomputer with new AMD chips

    Cray Inc. is building a supercomputer for federally funded scientific research under a contract valued at $188 million that was <a href="">originally won b...

  • AMD inside trader sentenced to 11 years in jail

    Raj Rajaratnam - the Galleon hedge fund founder <a href=";related">convicted</a> of insider trading on m...

  • 'It's Alive!' Says HP Exec of WebOS

    HP may be out of the tablet hardware business but, it's holding on to its software presence in the market. "The WebOS is not dead," declares Stephen Dewitt, senior vice president of Palm, which is owned by HP.

  • IBM turns 100

    Personal computer company IBM will be 100 years old on Thursday, and to celebrate up to 400,000 employees worldwide will skip the usual office work in order to donate time to charitable causes and schools.

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