MSI hottest products showcased at PAX Melbourne 2016

  • Welcome to PAX 2016!

  • A man wielding the new VR technology from MSI. VR One and VR Backpack.

  • The ‘Infinite G3 custom waterloop’ from MSI

  • 4. The wide variety of stands and stalls at PAX

  • Commentators on an intense game of League of Legends

  • VR, the only technology that offers a full body immersive experience (latest wearables?) Hmmm

  • An excited crowd waiting for their turn

  • Display cards detailing what is going on at the MSI stand

  • A display showcasing their outstanding motherboards and hardware

  • A stand showcasing some of the hottest graphics cards

  • The presenters of the stand having a grand old time

  • Entering a competition for a chance to win big prizes

  • Intense concentration mode - engaged!

  • Gamers have a good time with MSI equipment

  • People onlooking the intense battles of gamers

  • The inner workings of a powerful Gaming PC. The season's hottest tickets are from MSI

  • MSI is made for gaming

  • Look no further - a high performance gaming mouse from MSI.

  • Ultra high performance MSI gaming notebook

  • A showcase of MSI’s technology all in one place

  • A presentation showing MSI’s VR backpack capabilities

  • 16. The MGA champions of Dota 2

  • Some of the best CS:GO players out there

  • The MGA champion team of league of legends

  • The MSI booth in all of its glory

  • Another view of PAX showing its huge audience

  • An excited prize winner of a brand new MSI headset

  • Something to celebrate- MSI's latest gaming laptop

  • Gamers are battling it out live at the MSI stand

  • On lookers are waiting their turn to have a go at the VR backpack

  • Showing the next generation all about the latest technologies

  • Now he's putting it to the test!

  • Surely one of the best attractions at PAX this year - the MSI VR gear

  • More VR gamers

  • All dressed up and in VR land!

  • We love Cosplay!

  • Cosplay and VR - it's the latest look

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