Invasion of the body snatchers: wearable devices are coming for you

Privacy and form-factor are some of the big questions for this emerging category

  • With the inclusion of a small OLED display, the new Fitbit Force is a little more smartwatch-like.

  • The Fitbit Force capabilities and their icons

  • CES attendees check out the fitbit booth, looking at the fitbit flex, a wireless wristband that tracks steps, distance, calories and sleep. All can be managed from a mobile device.

  • Pebble smartwatch

  • Pebble smartwatch

  • Pebble smartwatch

  • Pebble smartwatch

  • Pebble smartwatch

  • Sony has a wearable on the horizon. So why doesn’t Microsoft, Amazon or Apple?

  • Google Glass

  • Pebble Steel smartwatches

  • Trio of Pebble Steel smartwatches

  • The new Pebble app store essentially tells us that every hardware platform needs its own app store, and you can never go home again, sorry.

  • Intel chief Brian Krzanich holds the “smart earbud” Intel developed, with the “Jarvis” digital assistant whispering in the user’s ear.

  • Among the wares Intel showed off at its 2014 CES keynote was a smartwatch. Because of course.

  • Intel CEO points toward wearable future with ‘smart earbud’, smartwatch

  • Sony Smart Eyeglass

  • Sony Smart Eyeglass

  • In its booth at the Consumer Electronics Show, Sony showed the Smart Eyeglass prototype, which displays additional information about what’s currently on the TV screen (such as the FIFA World Cup clip used for demonstration purposes)

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