In pictures: the Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote control

Logitech's new top remote can do just about anything

  • The Logitech Harmony Ultimate is the ultimate all-in-one remote control. It can control RF or infrared TVs and home entertainment equipment, and it has Bluetooth support for home theatre PCs and game consoles. This is the retail box that you'll be able to buy the Harmony Ultimate in.

  • The rear of the box shows you what you get inside -- the Harmony touchscreen remote control, a charging station to store and charge the remote, and the Harmony Hub that communicates with all your home entertainment equipment.

  • Here's the Harmony Ultimate's box, opened up. You can see that everything's placed carefully inside; underneath this are all the accessories.

  • The Harmony remote control here is placed in its charging/storage dock.

  • Here's the dock itself; it uses a proprietary charging connector, so it's only useful for Logitech Harmony remote controls.

  • The Harmony remote itself is simply laid out. Using a touchscreen has allowed Logitech to offload less-used buttons and keep physical space for the most important inputs.

  • Up top you can see a power button -- which can be used for all your devices simultaneously -- and playback controls for whatever media you're watching. The touchscreen, which lights up bright when in use, is below.

  • The lower buttons are generally for menu navigation and switching between inputs, although the four buttons at the bottom are customisable.

  • Here are the charging points on the rear of the Harmony Ultimate's touchscreen remote.

  • The Harmony Hub is the centre of the system, communicating via RF with the remote control and translating inputs to the right signal for each home entertainment device you have.

  • The Harmony Hub is powered over a micro-USB connector, and has two outputs for extended-range infrared transmitters.

  • Here's the entire Harmony Ultimate kit. You get a lot in the box, but it's quite expensive at AU$379.95 / NZ$499.90

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