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Review: Gears of War 3

Muscle-bound men, smears of blood and guts, and giant, glowing monsters are all stock-standard for the Gears franchise. But this time around, something’s different. Where Gears 2 lacked any real emotional depth, Gears of War 3 not only hits th...

Resistance 3

If you've read about Resistance 3 on its Wikipedia page or Insomniac Games' website, you might have dismissed it as just another sci-fi first-person shooter. Humans are fighting off an alien invasion that brings with it the Chimeran virus, which mor...

Samsung Series 9

The design of Samsung’s Series 9 laptop obviously used the aerofoil as a key influence.

Preview: Dead Island

It was the trailer that stunned gamers everywhere. Controversial because of its depiction of a little zombie girl dying, beautiful because of its artistic presentation. But is the game Dead Island anything like the trailer that set the gaming world ...

Preview: Age of Empires Online

While the preview build for Age of Empires Online may claim to be pre-production, with bugs and patches still to fix, the newest version real-time strategy game already looks extremely polished.

Preview: Gears of War 3

Come late September, Marcus Fenix and friends will be back for the last installment of the Gears of War series. We took a gander at – and played through – the first act of the campaign at Microsoft’s offices in Auckland.

Toshiba Tecra R850

It’s not often that a business laptop looks genuinely good – usually, the words functional or plain are more in order. But the Tecra R850 has a ribbed – there’s no other word that will do – lid and wrist rest. It’...

Preview: Resistance 3

At the end of Resistance 2 the game's protagonist, Nathan Hale, dies. You'd think that might be the end for the series, but Resistance 3 continues the story - and this time you're playing as the man who killed him.

Preview: Journey

In an industry where gritty triple-A shooters reign supreme, with their blazing guns and non-stop action, Journey is like stepping out of solitary confinement into sunlight.

Preview: Civ World for Facebook

Earlier this week, Firaxis launched the latest installment of its Civilization franchise, free-to-play on Facebook. The game is still in open beta, but we've had a good look now and can share some thoughts.

MacBook Pro 15 (MC723X/A)

As laptops go, the MacBook Pro has long held status as a well-designed, portable powerhouse of a machine. The downside of this is traditionally the price, and the fact that it runs Mac OS X, rather than Windows.

Preview: Dell XPS L501X

Dell has been peddling its premium XPS desktops and laptops for many years now. Like most products in its line up the L501X we received this month is a good looking, solid little piece of equipment.

Business laptops: Lenovo ThinkPad T510

The Lenovo ThinkPad T510 is a serious business machine, in both form and function. It’s boxy, with a matte lid that gives it a rugged look. Though it’s solid, I wouldn’t want to try driving over it.

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