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Review: Kinect Star Wars

Kinect Star Wars sounds like a happy marriage of technology and film. After all, Kinect's motion-sensing technology now allows you to live out the life of a Jedi - you can move like one, use the force like one and bust out your lightsaber to carve u...

Review: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

In the last 16 years, gamers have returned time and time again to the mansion that started it all through various remakes and ports of Resident Evil. Raccoon City, however, hasn’t returned as often as many gamers would like, so having a new en...

Review: Dear Esther

Dear Esther was originally conceived as a mod for Half-Life 2, but with backing from the Indie Fund, UK indie developer Thechineseroom has fleshed it out into a compelling and unusual game.

Review: Draw Something for iOS and Android

In a short space of time - it seems like mere days - a little app by a developer called OMGPop has taken over the world. Draw Something is currently the most popular game on Facebook, and possibly the most popular game in the world. Everyone's talki...

Review: HP Envy 14 Spectre

You know how, when you plug in a USB cable, it’s always the wrong way up first time? The HP Envy 14 Spectre is a little like a USB stick – every time I picked it up and went to open it, I got it the wrong way round, and tried to open it ...

Review: Syndicate

Despite an economic downturn, massive corporations all over the world continue to grow. Some sectors of the technology industry suffer, but others, like Apple and Google, continue to grow and change and introduce new product categories. When Syndica...

Review: Asus Zenbook UX31E

Let’s get the standard Ultrabook comparison out of the way first: physically the Asus Zenbook UX31 is the closest thing we’ve seen to a MacBook Air, that isn’t a MacBook Air. It’s the first ultrabook we’ve seen match th...

Review: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Once upon a time, Square Enix - previously Squaresoft - was a name that resonated with gamers. The Final Fantasy series had, and admittedly still has, a massive, dedicated following. It also had consistently great games. Final Fantasy VIII was the f...

Review: Wipeout 2048

Wipeout has always been about speed. It’s always been about being the fastest on the track and always been about doing whatever it takes to be the best.

Review: Journey

Thatgamecompany doesn't do average. In the same way both of the company's previous games, Flow and Flower, were distinctly different from anything that came before them, there's almost nothing that's familiar about Journey.

Review: HP Folio 13

HP’s first Ultrabook available in New Zealand is the Folio 13; a shiny, brushed-metal rectangle with subtly rounded corners and a rubberised, non-slip coating on the underside. Weighing in at 1.49kg, the 13-inch Folio is lighter than some of t...

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z6A

Turtle Beach’s ‘Earforce’ Z6A headset adds 5.1 channel surround sound to your gaming experience, without the need for a cumbersome speaker system.

Review: Catherine

Being an adult is hard. You have to learn to save money, pay your own bills, fight your own battles, and think all too hard about the future. You also have to learn to navigate complex, adult relationships, and if you’re serious about them, co...

Review: Samsung Series 7 Slate PC

Calling Samsung’s 11.6-inch Series 7 device a ‘tablet’ feels inaccurate. Yes, it uses the same form factor as devices like the Apple iPad and Samsung’s own Galaxy Tab, but it’s really not comparable. For now, we’r...

Review: Dell XPS 14Z

The latest in Dell’s XPS line of performance-oriented laptops, the 14z could double as a contender in the ultraportable stakes (it’s just 23mm thick) if not for its comparatively ‘heavy’ 2kg weight.

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