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Homefront Reviews Torpedo THQ Stock Price

Ouch, that's what publisher THQ's probably saying after "middling" Metacritic review scores for Homefront appeared to drag share prices down a staggering 21 percent in trading late yesterday.

Angry Birds Exec: R.I.P. Console Gaming

Angry Birds may be the vanguard of video gaming's new business motherlode, and it's putting traditional console gaming out to pasture, says the company's provocative marketing lead.

iPad 2 Sold Out: Newbies Go on Buying Spree

Weekend sales of Apple's iPad 2 were stellar with as many as 500,000 tablets sold to mostly new tablet owners, according to Piper Jaffray, an independent market research firm. Sales of the iPad 2 were up 67 percent compared to the launch of to origin...

Is Microsoft Staffing Up For Its Next Xbox?

A few LinkedIn job listings for a "next generation console" may indicate a new Xbox from Microsoft is finally getting underway. Not that it'll happen anytime soon, but the question's been asked: Will next-gen consoles look like traditional client-pow...

Samsung TVs stream video wirelessly to Galaxy products

At an event in Singapore, Samsung has announced that its ‘Smart TV’ <a href=""> Series 8 (D8000)</a> and <a href="

Professional Gamers: A Day in the Life

Take "Professional Gamer" off the list of fantasy careers--they're here, and some of them are making <a href="">serious cash</a> in the eSports world. But what is a day in the life of a cyberathlete like? We s...

Minecraft designer says piracy isn't theft

There's nothing new about Minecraft creator Markus Persson's Game Developers Conference startling comment that &quot;piracy is not theft.&quot; It's just a decontextualized version of the decades-old notion that &quot;the advent of digital eliminates...

iPad 3 could ship before rival Windows tablet

This time next year Steve Jobs may take to the stage and introduce the iPad 3, while Microsoft is still working on a tablet-tailored Windows, according to a Bloomberg report. A few months after, though, Microsoft will release a tablet-friendly versio...

Apple iPad 2: Five reasons it already has other tablets beat

We don't yet know for sure, but -- based on the teasing image accompanying media invitations to an Apple press event later this week -- all signs suggest that the iPad 2 will be officially unveiled. Rivals are aggressively trying to compete with the ...

Nintendo 3DS launches in Japan

Nintendo's bid to put glasses-free 3D into the anxious hands of the masses just got underway in Japan. The company's 3DS -- sequel to the DS and DSi, and employing a new 3.53-inch widescreen that uses parallax barrier tech to create the illusion of t...

Apple to unveil iPad 2 on March 2

Rumours about the Apple iPad 2 have been flying thick and fast of late, and Apple has responded by setting the record straight: the iPad 2 will officially launch at a media event on March 2.

Apple iPad 2 Launch Coming March 2, Report Says

Is <a href=";tk=srch_top&amp;x=0&amp;y=0">Apple</a> finally ready to roll out its next-generation <a href="

ViewSonic ViewPad 7

The ViewPad 7 marks the ViewSonic's first foray into the tablet arena. The device packs a fair number of features into its squared-off 7-inch frame--most notably the ability to handle 3G data and the ability to double as a phone (if you pay for a voi...

Toshiba shows off Android 3.0 tablet

Toshiba joined the likes of Samsung and Motorola and unveiled a 10.1-inch Android Honeycomb tablet at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Arriving sometime in the first half of 2011,Toshiba's unnamed tablet focuses on media capabilities, all push...

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