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Samsung GT-S5600W

Samsung seems to be making something of a specialty out of iPhone-lite type smartphones and the S5600V is the latest in this line – it even looks like an iPhone knock-off. With a 71mm capacitive touchscreen and 3G connectivity for $399 you can...

Motorola Cliq XT

While in Chicago to talk to Motorola about 4G and LTE, Pauline Herbst got her hands on the company’s latest Android phone the day it hit the US market.

Nokia E72

Nokia’s E-Series family of smartphones target business users first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish. The Nokia E72 once again uses a combination of gloss chrome edging and brushed black highlights, and its bu...

Preview: Apple iPad

Unlike the iPhone, which Apple kept under such tight guard at its introduction that only a few special types got to touch it for a few minutes, there were iPads aplenty available immediately following the product’s press launch. As a result, m...

Sony Ericsson W995

With its Walkman and Cybershot series of models, Sony Ericsson has become a leader in the niche categories of camera and music phones. The latest addition to its Walkman line, the Sony Ericsson Walkman W995 delivers the best of both worlds with an 8...


Hot off the boat this month is a range of iPhone 3G/3GS cases we’ve not seen in this country before. Brought into New Zealand by Playtech (, the Shield brand of cases have arrived just in time to quell the fears of all those new...

Samsung F480

Squat and Touchscreen only, Samsung’s F480 is like a sawn-off version of the company’s flagship Omnia smartphone, it even has the same Windows Vista-like gadget sidebar. However, where the Omnia offers wi-fi, GPS, runs on Windows Mobile ...

Samsung Ultratouch

You'd be forgiven for thinking the Ultratouch is just another Samsung slider phone, but as soon as you see the bright and sharp screen you’ll see that there’s something different about this one. The Ultratouch is, as the name suggests, a...

Vodafone XP1

I know a good few tradesmen and I’m often invited to inspect the grievous state of their mobile handsets over a beer on a Friday. Cracked screens and generous lashings of gaffer tape are common sights. But it’s not just harsh working con...

Nokia E75

The first Nokia smartphone to include Nokia's new e-mail user interface -- Nokia Messaging -- the E75 includes a slide-out, full QWERTY keyboard, along with a regular numeric keypad.

Samsung Steel L810

When I heard the name ‘Samsung Steel’, I immediately thought of brawn. Well all right, not just brawn, but a brawny man. To be precise, I mean Superman, the strong fellow in blue tights – the Man of Steel. Surely this association w...

5 must-have apps for your Blackberry

Not long ago the words “BlackBerry” and “software” didn’t belong in the same sentence. Sure, your BlackBerry smartphone was capable of running software; it even came with a few applications installed. But if you were lo...

Blackberry Bold

The term ' Crackberry' was coined with good reason, though you’re probably wondering what berries have to do with cocaine? Well, it’s the addiction I’m getting at. You see, the Blackberry smartphone came to earn its Crackberry nick...

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