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Intel chief opens CES with parade of wearables

Intel's CEO, battling to keep the company relevant as computing moves beyond the PC, introduced a new line of wearable computers Monday night, including a connected smartwatch and a pair of earbuds with a built-in heart monitor.

Quebee crowdfunding campaign kicks off

Launched last night on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, the Kiwi-designed Quebee is a miniature, standalone camera that can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet, and captures video, stills or time-lapse photography.

Google Blames a Human for its Robo-Car Crash

One of Google's self-driving cars got into an accident earlier this week. But Google is claiming the auto-pilot-equipped Prius was actually flipped into manual mode when the accident happened, making this a case of user error.

Avatar Kinect Adds Facial Expressions to Your Avatars

Microsoft’s in-house <a href="">Kinect Fun Labs</a> have been working on their own hacks--and now, thanks to their work, you can make your own virtual talk ...

Jumping Robot Blows Real Frogs Out of the Water

Tiny robots, while adorable, often have limited functionality because of their small stature. Tiny robots that can jump are able to clear large obstacles with minimal energy output - the problem is that, having jumped and landed once, the robot has ...

Techie toilet ships in April

In the market for a new toilet? Before heading down to the neighborhood hardware store and dropping a few Benjamins on a regular pooper, you might want to take a look at Kohler's newest flushing masterpiece, the Numi.

The Future Of the PC Looks Cloudy

The PC of the future is on your desk. It’s also in your pocket. It’s inside your TV, your car and your refrigerator. The PC of your future doesn’t exist as one discrete tool; instead, it’s a personal network of devices that share data and collectivel...

Fujitsu Tech Could Turn Us All Into Battery Chargers

Energy is everywhere--from light to heat to wind and everything in between. And in this era of high fuel prices, we need to find more ways of capturing it on the cheap. And Fujitsu might have come up with an effective way of doing so. Fujitsu's so-ca...

Toshiba working on Android tablet

<a href="">Toshiba</a> is thought to be working on a tablet PC to rival <a href="">Apple's iPad</a>.

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