​Fetch TV Mini review: Make your TV a smart TV

A heap of cheap channels and easy to access apps for your TV

Fetch TV Mini
  • Fetch TV Mini
  • Fetch TV Mini
  • Fetch TV Mini
  • Expert Rating

    3.75 / 5


  • Small
  • Great software layout
  • Responsive


  • Can't record
  • Limited to 720p resolution

Bottom Line

The Mini gives you easy access to many local and international channels for much less than Foxtel. But its resolution limitation and inability to record mean the Fetch TV Mighty is a better choice.

Would you buy this?

The weaknesses

So far so good but there are weaknesses. Firstly TV output is only regular High Definition 720p. While this point is moot when displaying content like Standard Definition, Free-to-air TV channels, it starts looking bad on larger, Full HD and especially 4K TVs and this can be annoying when you want to watch 4K Netflix or Full HD footy. In addition to this, while you can pause for up to 15 minutes, you can’t record anything - there is a USB service port but you can't connect external storage to it. It seems an obvious omission but we suspect it's to encourage upselling of the more-powerful Fetch TV Mighty.

Should you get one?

At $149 it’s relatively good value as an outright purchase but most people will be getting this as a bundle from their ISP or phone provider for around $5 per month. Trying it out as a monthly rental is well worth a go – especially if you’re a Foxtel customer who’s wondering why they’re paying so much money as it’s a gateway for cutting the cord and saving a lot of cash each month.

However, we don’t recommend rushing out to purchase it outright as the more-substantial Fetch TV Mighty box has the same features with full Personal Video Recorder (PVR) functionality: one Terabyte hard disk, Full HD compatibility plus the ability to play 4K content from online sources. At $399 it’s considerably more expensive but won’t leave you frustrated at the inability to record or watch Full HD. (Note, however, that you can’t access Optus’ Sport App on a Fetch TV Mighty that doesn’t come as part of an Optus home internet bundle for some weird reason.)

Either way, the Fetch TV Mini is probably best used as a secondary unit for another TV in the house. If you’re looking for a device to base all you TV watching around, it’s worth stumping up the extra for the Mighty.

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