​Fetch TV Mighty review: Better than Foxtel

A near-perfect television entertainment hub

Fetch TV Mighty
  • Fetch TV Mighty
  • Fetch TV Mighty
  • Fetch TV Mighty
  • Expert Rating

    5.00 / 5


  • Seamlessly combines Freeview channels with internet channels
  • Good value, well stocked channel packs
  • Brilliant, responsive remote
  • Includes streaming and catch-up TV apps
  • Local and network content playback
  • 4K compatible
  • Content can be streamed via mobile app


  • Could use more HD content

Bottom Line

The ease of accessing Australian TV content is second to none. Whether it's on Netflix, Stan, Freeview or IPTV it's all easily accessible via the superb, highly-responsive remote. If you're paying more for Foxtel it's time to ask why.

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The relative lack of online HD content needs to be worked on. While internet connections are notoriously-poor in Australia, we’re still a land with a high-penetration rate of Full HD (and even 4K) TVs. Things can too often look a bit fuzzy on a 65-inch screen, but still, this is a first-world problem.

Also, Optus’ Sport app (the one that offers the English Premier League) is only available if you get your Mighty from Optus as part of a home broadband plan. Of course, few people can change their home broadband providers so they’ll have to make alternative arrangements – like buying a 4th gen. Apple TV for $299 and using the Optus app on that. The app store on the Apple TV plus the increased variety of HD movies on offer rather plugs the content gap for Fetch - but that only starts looking cheap if you're ditching a Foxtel subscription.

If you are coming from Foxtel, beyond some drama series, the main things that aren’t available are the extra AFL and NRL matches or the Formula One. The new, imminent Foxtel Play app may cater for that but it almost certainly won't appear on Fetch. However, it will probably be available on the Apple TV.


It’s great that we’ve reached a point where the Fetch TV effectively does it all (with just a few exceptions). We just need the internet infrastructure and apps to better cater for high definition content from online sources but this is hardly Fetch's fault. Even so, if you’ve been used to paying a fortune for Foxtel (and especially if you’ve been suffering with the hateful iQ3 set-top box) this will seem like liberation – a responsive, easy-to-use breath of fresh air which will save you money and help avoid a coronary caused by all the iQ3's crashes and lag. You do need a decent internet connection and data plan to make the most of it though.

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