Alienware AW958 Mouse + AW768 Keyboard: A safe, reliable and conventional choice

Alienware AW958 Mouse + AW768 Keyboard
  • Alienware AW958 Mouse + AW768 Keyboard
  • Alienware AW958 Mouse + AW768 Keyboard
  • Alienware AW958 Mouse + AW768 Keyboard
  • Expert Rating

    3.25 / 5


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Simple, appealing design that fits right in


  • Location of macro keys on keyboard isn't great
  • Little too conventional for some
  • DPI toggle frustrates

Bottom Line

Alienware’s AW958 Mouse and AW768 Keyboard seem like a safe, reliable and conventional choice

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While their mainline notebooks and laptops have always been the focus for the Dell-backed gaming brand, Alienware have rarely shied away from playing in the broader gaming accessory space. After all, the things that help make a great gaming experience extend far beyond the machine at the heart of it.

The latest additions to this come in the form of the new AW958 Mouse and AW768 Keyboard.

The Pitch

As alluded to above, both Alienware’s new gaming mouse and keyboard are pitched as products built to enhance your existing gaming experience. Since this promise doesn't really tap too much into brand-power, Alienware are more-or-less relying on two things to win customers over: math and aesthetics.

Boasting a resolution range of up to 12,000 DPI, 250 IPS and five toggleable DPI settings, the AW958 elite gaming mouse promises to not only marry top-tier performance and easily customizable aesthetics, but keep them happily married for a lifetime of 50 million clicks.

Credit: Alienware

It comes accompanied by the AW768 keyboard, with which it shares support for Alienware’s AlienFX RGB lighting tech. Again, it’s all about the numbers here. The mechanical switches on the AW768 comes with anti-ghosting and N-key rollover on all keys, onboard memory, 15 programmable macro keys and a set of easy to use media buttons.

Credit: Alienware

The short version: this a pair of gaming products products that will likely sit flush alongside any other Alienware products you might already own and leave it to the numbers to sell help you decide whether or not they’re worth the investment.  If you’re already going to be buying a gaming mouse, keyboard and headset, why not keep things in the (Alienware) family?


The AW958 is a wired, surface calibration capable, optical mouse with a resolution range of 100-12000DPI and a braided nylon cable. It comes with four interchangeable side modules and an swappable set of four 5g weights. It boasts integration with Alienware AlienFX RGB lighting system and packs-in 13 programmable buttons.

Then, the AW768 is a wired, mechanical keyboard with brown switches and a 2mm actuation distance. Like the AW958, it supports the AlienFX RGB lighting system. As mentioned above, it’s also got anti-ghosting and N-key rollover on all keys, onboard memory, 15 programmable macro keys (running along the left edge) and a pair of media buttons (a mute key and a volume slider) to flesh out the package.

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