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Google Earth gets starry-eyed

Google may just be the center of the universe now: A new add-on for its Earth satellite program, called Sky, lets users explore space and see photos of the precise star formation overhead based on their locale.

Facebook home page source code leaked

Facebook is downplaying the impact of a misconfigured server over the weekend that revealed the source code powering the social networking site, saying it posed no threat to data security.

Former spammer: 'I know I'm going to hell'

"Ed," a retired spammer, built a considerable fortune sending e-mails that promoted pills, porn and casinos. At the peak of his power, Ed says he pulled in US$10,000 to US$15,000 a week, storing the money in US$20 bills in stacks of boxes.

Microsoft music copy protection cracked again

Microsoft Corp. downplayed Tuesday the impact of a new hack of its DRM (digital rights management) technology, underlining the difficulties in erecting a long-lasting digital barrier against piracy.

Google Security API Spots Dangerous URLs

Google has released an API that enables other applications to access its blacklist of URLs (uniform resource locators) of websites that may have malicious programs. Dubbed the Safe Browsing API (application programming interface), developers can inco...

Firefox browser makes headway in Europe

Increasing use of Firefox throughout Europe suggests that the browser battles aren’t quite over, but may be headed for a slow-moving tug-of-war, according to a recent survey and analysts.

New worm wriggles on Skype

A worm targeting Skype’s VoIP (voice over internet protocol) application is harvesting email addresses and directing users to a range of sites hosting other malicious software, security vendors said Monday.

JPEG photo format on its way out?

Microsoft will soon submit a new photo format to an international standards organisation that it says offers higher quality images with better compression, the company said on Thursday.

Microsoft readies public beta test of VoIP server

Microsoft will release a public beta of new voice over internet protocol (VoIP) server software by the end of March. The software smoothly integrates with legacy phone networks and its Office application suite, the company said.

Smokers may be the weak IT security link

Where there's smoke, there's a door. A U.K. security company is warning that smokers may impact IT security, leaving open doors that could let in intruders who could abuse a company's network.

Microsoft hit with second lawsuit over WGA

Microsoft has been hit with a second lawsuit over Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), its antipiracy program that checks if the Windows operating system on a machine has a valid license.

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