Stories by Tony Bradley

Prepare now to survive the end of Windows XP

The one-year countdown to the end of support for Windows XP began ticking down yesterday. If you're still using the ancient, legacy version of Windows, it's time to consider your next move.

Five ways the Surface RT beats the iPad

I've had a month to play with the Microsoft Surface with Windows RT tablet. Microsoft faces a serious challenge to compete against devices like the Apple iPad, Google Nexus 10, Kindle Fire HD 8.9, and other full-size tablets. But, Microsoft deserves ...

Why you probably shouldn't buy a Windows 8 ultrabook

The clock is quickly winding down to the official launch of Windows 8. Along with a completely redesigned interface and Windows experience, hardware partners are lined up, ready to offer Windows 8 ultrabooks. The question businesses and consumers wil...

New Microsoft mouses are crucial to Windows 8 success

Microsoft revealed new mouses and keyboard options aimed at Windows 8 -- specifically Windows 8 tablets. The touch gesture-enabled mouses fill a void left with traditional mouses, and resolve one of the biggest issues with Windows 8.

Small business how-to: using Facebook interest lists

A few months ago Facebook rolled out a new feature called Interest Lists. On top of enabling users to follow specific topics on Facebook, Interest Lists also provide you with a means of promoting yourself and driving traffic to your own Facebook page...

IPv6: Five things you should know

IPv6 has finally gone live. For as long as there has been an Internet IPv4 has been synonymous with IP and nobody really stopped to think about which version of the protocol it was. But, IPv4 has outlived its usefulness.

Should You Worry About Google Drive Privacy?

The wording of the Google Drive terms of service has ruffled some feathers. However, the short answer to the question posed in the title of this article is "no". Allow me to explain.

AOL patents: What's in it for Microsoft?

AOL announced that it has closed a deal to sell more than 800 patents to Microsoft. The deal is just north of a billion dollars, and it's easy to see why AOL might want to cash in on the intellectual property. What is less clear is why Microsoft is i...

Pinterest Is Fertile Ground for Online Scams

Pinterest has exploded onto the social networking scene as the new hot thing to do. Beware what you click on or pin, though. The skyrocketing popularity of the site isn't lost on cyber criminals, and the very nature of the site makes it ripe for expl...

Why Windows 8 is being launched at Mobile World Congress

Microsoft invited the tech press to a Windows 8 event next week. We will undoubtedly learn more about Windows 8, and it is widely expected that Microsoft will also make the Windows 8 Consumer Preview available next week. The most interesting aspect o...

MegaUpload Takedown Proves SOPA / PIPA Are Unnecessary

It has been a huge week when it comes to protecting intellectual property, and defending the freedom of the Internet. Following a massive blackout on Wednesday to oppose pending SOPA legislation, the United States government <a href="http://www.pcwor...

Pretty Please?: A 2012 technology wish list

With fewer than 40 hours left in 2011, it seems like a good time to think about what 2012 holds in store. There are plenty of predictions about what we can expect in technology, based on what exists now, and the current trends. I am going to take a s...

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