Stories by Chris Keall

Farms hit by broadband drought

In your February mailbox, Barbara Duckett of Westland can’t get broadband. I can do one better. I live 800 metres from SH1 in the Waikato. At SH1, people have broadband. Across the Karapiro Dam on Maungatautari Road, people have broadband. Kara...

Coasters miss out

I live in Westland where one main arterial road runs the length of the coast. All the major towns are on that road and everyone else lives just a few kilometres up side roads. The West Coast Development Trust and Telecom collaborated to run a fibre o...

Orcon drops the ball

I recently joined Orcon during one of their promotions. The deal was to get an ADSL connection, 20GB a month of data, a free home line for 12 months and free national tolls (up to an hour per call).

Telecom fails again

My mother received a brand new Sanyo mobile phone for her birthday. Less than four months later, it started to malfunction and she had to leave it with Telecom for about 20 days to be fixed.

The Bubble bursts

Following the launch of Yahoo!Xtra Bubble, I took a call from a desperate small business I provide IT services for. They weren’t receiving email from their Central Otago office, or anywhere else, using their Xtra account. I tried to log into my...

Banking code con

I find it increasingly difficult to understand how the banks are going to investigate the incidents of possible fraud and other security breaches as outlined in their new Banking Code (Consumer Watch, August ’07 PC World). As a computer forensi...

Broadband choked

I am the local IT guy in the town of Morrinsville. Recently, I (and a number of my customers) started to suffer from slow broadband. And I mean real slow, as in maximum speeds of around 40Kbit\s down to speeds so low the Telecom speed test wouldn&#82...

Musician gets by on looks

(Apple, of course, has its own hybrid phone/music player, the iPhone, but with no immediate – or indeed even distant – prospect of local release, it remains sadly academic for Kiwi buyers.)

How do I switch ISPs?

What is the actual process for switching ISPs in NZ? I’m bewildered. I’ve been trying to move from Ihug to Slingshot (home line, tolls and broadband) and no one seems to have any clue as to how it’s done. I signed up with Slingshot ...

Purple reign

The trendy young crew driving Orcon’s trademark bright purple muscle cars are now civil servants.

The train keeps a-rollin’

I recently had to travel from Wellington to Palmerston North and decided to go by train rather than drive. The attraction was the scenery and the ability to do some work on my laptop for the two-hour trip. The Overlander needs our support and I was l...


I am writing in regards to the letter from Adam McKenzie (April 2007, page 8). I think what your publisher did is absolutely admirable! You made me realise that some bright kids in this country really need a computer but, unfortunately, their familie...

Broadband in your hand

Motorola’s latest RAZR is actually slightly slimmer than its immediate predecessor, yet delivers much faster internet connectivity via Vodafone’s 3G Broadband.

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