Stories by Harley Ogier

LG N1941W Network Monitor

With the cloud looming overhead and companies turning toward “green” technologies, desktop virtualisation is becoming a hot topic once again. In June’s issue we checked out the U170 and L230 thin clients from NComputing – sim...

LG Flatron W2363D

When I set up my 3D gaming rig for last month’s Game of Depth feature, Samsung’s SyncMaster 2233 was the only 3D monitor in stock at my retailer of choice. That meant a downgrade in size from the 23-inch, 1,920 x 1,080-pixel 2D monitor I...

DrayTek Vigor2820Vn

Let’s face it, small-business IT setups can be a bit of an ad hoc affair. Walking into a server closet (the miniature version of a server room) you’re likely to find an arrangement of mismatched components, patched together with overly-l...

Welland NetShare GX

Following our NAS roundup back in May, I’ve been keeping the Welland NetShare GX on the bottom of my review pile. Sold as an enclosure only (no drive included), it didn’t fit in with the other products we had on test.

Dolphin Bay Software Ezy Pascal

Though not the first programming language I learnt, Pascal was the first in which I was formally educated. It’s a nice language, simple and well structured.

Western Digital VelociRaptor WD6000HLHX

Face it, it’s hard to get excited over hard drives. That is, until one becomes the bottleneck in your video-streaming server or gaming machine. I’m always subjected to far longer load-screens than I’d like; while I’d love to ...

Microsoft Arc Keyboard

Back in 2008, Microsoft introduced the Arc Mouse – a stylish, uniquely designed wireless mouse which folded in half for portability. Two years later they’ve finally released a keyboard to match and though it doesn’t fold, the Arc K...

Verbatim Pocket Drive 250GB

With commonly available flash drives topping out at around 16GB, there are many times an old-fashioned external hard drive comes in handy. Whether you want to port around your movie collection or keep a backup of your essential work files, a couple ...

EVGA GeForce GTX 480

In a modern gaming rig, your graphics card presents the tightest bottleneck – or in the case of the GeForce GTX 480, removes it.

NComputing U170

In the early days of screen-and-keyboard office computing, thin clients were commonplace. Computers were accessed through “dumb” terminals that just accepted input, passed it along to a server and spat out the resulting output. This mean...

2nd gen Flip Mino HD

Following in the footsteps of the previous (and identically named) Flip Mino HD, the new Mino offers a number of improvements over its predecessor.


Variable-angle LCDs are a common feature on high-end compact cameras, and have recently found their way onto various Digital SLR cameras equipped with Live View. While they may seem gimmicky, they’re a fantastic way of framing shots without ho...

Samsung NX10

Samsung’s latest offering is neither a conventional digital camera nor a Digital SLR: it sits somewhere in the middle, offering the advantages of both with very few corresponding downsides.

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