Stories by Mark Gibbs

In Pictures: 12 crazy good iOS photography apps

An Apple iPhone ad that aired in April claimed, "Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera", and I can believe it. Not only are there are a boatload of iPhones in the wild, there are a huge number of apps that enhance and...

Working with ASP

In the last couple of months we’ve been looking at the wonderful world of Active Server Page technology. We’re still on the topic for this issue, but it’s time to get fancy.

Scripting active server pages

Last month we started to talk about Microsoft’s Active Server Page (ASP) technology, got into the company’s Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) and wound up in a discussion about thread-safe programming. Who could as...

Understanding ASP

This week we’re going to embark on explaining something that most of you know about, but from the letters we get, many of you would like to understand more thoroughly. That something is Active Server Pages (ASP), a method for creating dynamic w...

Become a pivot table god

My friend Bob runs a very good software development company and one talent he’s proud of is being a god of Microsoft Excel pivot tables.

Full-kilter filter

Relief may be in sight for corporate users who are struggling to manage over-flowing email inboxes. A promising filtering technology called Sieve is gathering support among messaging software vendors, including Sun, Rockliffe, Critical Path and Sendm...

The ABCs of MIB

This month we tackle the topic of MIB. No, not Men in Black II (which we quite enjoyed — essentially a remake of the first MIB movie with better effects). No, this MIB is the Management Information Base of SNMP.

The SMNP show

In the last issue, we all enjoyed learning about the intricacies of syslog, a protocol used to send status messages from one device to another over an IP-based network. But we hadn’t mentioned yet that in many syslog clients, you can set the ad...

Falling off a syslog

There are many devices out there in network land that want to tell you how they are. And they usually want to tell you because they don’t have enough storage to wait for you to ask. We’re talking the likes of routers, firewalls and switch...

Web service protocols

Let’s see, XML (check), SOAP (check), namespaces (check), XSD (check) . . . yep, we’ve covered quite a bit of ground in past months and we’re well on the way to covering the basic technical territory of web services.

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