Stories by Jon L. Jacobi

Hard-drive failures surprisingly frequent

Your hard drive may not be as reliable as manufacturers would like you to think. Recent studies by researchers at Carnegie Mellon and Google suggest that vendor Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) ratings for hard drives are a bit misleading.

Battle of the boards

Techies and PC gamers routinely soup up their systems to maximize performance and appearance. My own computer has been refurbished so many times that I can't even remember when I bought the case.

Better backups

To help you choose your backup hardware and software wisely, we analyzed five of the most common backup scenarios, and evaluated eight all-in-one backup products in the PC World Test Center to identify the ones best suited for each task.

Latest DVD burners reach 16X

The already active DVD burner market is getting another speed upgrade, from 12X to 16X for write-once media. We looked at a drive with the new capability: BenQ Corp.'s US$149 DW1600 DVD+ReWriter double-layer DVD burner, a shipping IDE unit that can w...

Power protection

We've all been through power failures -- and they're never any fun. It's bad enough when the juice goes out before you've ground your morning coffee; it's far worse to have a blackout roll over a data-laden spreadsheet or a term paper you forgot to s...

Fast-lane DVD burning

SAN FRANCISCO (03/22/2004) - Got time to burn? If you bought a 2X rewritable DVD drive a couple years ago, you'd need it: A full disc would take about as much time to write as a prime-time sitcom takes to watch. But new 8X burners can do the job befo...

Bye-bye CD-RW?

A CD burner used to be the only practical and affordable option for a rewritable optical drive. That has changed radically. Selecting DVD burners over older CD-RWs is becoming a no-brainer, with the future clearly moving to DVD. And now multiple gene...

HP's IDE CD-RW Drive Joins the Jet Set

Until recently, burning CDs at rates faster than 8X meant dressing for a SCSI affair. Well, drives that write CD-Rs at 12X may still be a SCSI-only party; but now, thanks to Hewlett-Packard Co.'s 10X/4X/32X CD-Writer Plus 9310i, IDE users can enjoy h...

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