Stories by Jon L. Jacobi

Everything You Need to Know About 3TB Hard Drives

We expect hard-drive capacity to grow over time. Now that hard drives have jumped from 2TB to 3TB, however, upgraders face some challenges: These new hard drives may have issues in some drive enclosures and in older PCs, which aren't prepared to addr...

O&O DiskImage 5 Professional Edition

Backup program <a href=",121439/description.html">O&amp;O DiskImage Professional</a> ($50, 30-day free trial) impressed me with its no-nonsense workflow. Unfortunately, the program doesn't quite match up to th...

RAID Made Easy

What is <a href="">RAID</a>, why do you need it, and what are all those mode numbers that are constantly bandied about? RAID stands for "redundant array of independent disks," and you may ...

Nero BackItUp & Burn

For the first time in a long and often trying decade of reviewing <a href="">Nero products</a>, I can finally tout one, <a href="">Ba...

Nero 9

Though Nero 9 is a full-featured burning suite, it offers no compelling reasons to upgrade from previous versions.

Roxio Creator 2009

Like its predecessors (which bore the name Easy Media Creator), Roxio Creator 2009 is a massive suite of applications that covers nearly everything you can do with or to CDs and DVDs and their photo, audio, data, or video contents.

Run apps on a USB thumb drive automatically

The ever-increasing capacity of USB flash drives lets you bring along not only your files but also the applications that open them. Windows Vista makes it easy to set programs on USB thumb drives to run automatically when you insert the drive: Put th...

Hard-drive failures surprisingly frequent

Your hard drive may not be as reliable as manufacturers would like you to think. Recent studies by researchers at Carnegie Mellon and Google suggest that vendor Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) ratings for hard drives are a bit misleading.

Battle of the boards

Techies and PC gamers routinely soup up their systems to maximize performance and appearance. My own computer has been refurbished so many times that I can't even remember when I bought the case.

Better backups

To help you choose your backup hardware and software wisely, we analyzed five of the most common backup scenarios, and evaluated eight all-in-one backup products in the PC World Test Center to identify the ones best suited for each task.

Latest DVD burners reach 16X

The already active DVD burner market is getting another speed upgrade, from 12X to 16X for write-once media. We looked at a drive with the new capability: BenQ Corp.'s US$149 DW1600 DVD+ReWriter double-layer DVD burner, a shipping IDE unit that can w...

Power protection

We've all been through power failures -- and they're never any fun. It's bad enough when the juice goes out before you've ground your morning coffee; it's far worse to have a blackout roll over a data-laden spreadsheet or a term paper you forgot to s...

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