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Personalise your Android phone

I'll admit it: I think the base version of Google's Android platform is a little rough around the edges--especially when compared with the iPhone, which not only "just works," but is beautiful too.

Chinese Prisoners Allegedly Forced to Play World of Warcraft

Apparently there's a new type of chain gang -- a virtual one. According to The Guardian, Chinese prisoners are forced to play hours upon hours of "<a href="

Back up your webmail

Yes, we know &#8211; it&#8217;s hard enough to remember to back up your desktop, your laptop, your smartphone, and your tablet, and now we want you to think about backing up your cloud-based email account, too.

RockMelt Brings Social Networking Act to iPhone

<a href="">RockMelt</a>, the new browser on the block, has only been in public beta for a short time, but it's already poised to go mobile with an iPhone app. This comes as no real surprise, considering RockMelt prides itself ...

RIAA thinks LimeWire owes $75 trillion in damages

The music industry wants LimeWire to pay up to US$75 trillion in damages after losing a copyright infringement claim. That's right . . . $75 trillion. Manhattan federal Judge Kimba Wood has labeled this request "absurd."

Make Over Your Online Image to Help Your Job Search

When I graduated from college in 2009, I'd heard the spiel over and over again: <a href="">Be careful what you post on the Internet</a>, lest it haunt ...

Sony sues PS3 hackers

I guess Sony didn't get the memo about how jailbreaking is not illegal, because the company has decided to sue several users who hacked the PS3.

LimeWire shut down permanently

File-sharing program LimeWire has been permanently shut down after a federal judge found it guilty of assisting users in committing copyright infringement "on a massive scale."

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