Stories by Michael Brown

E3: Alienware shows off its all-new gaming notebook lineup

If there's one thing Dell has done right over the years, it's been to let Alienware--the boutique gaming PC manufacturer Dell acquired in 2006--remain Alienware. Based on the new notebook lineup that Alienware unveiled tonight, that let-'em-be strate...

Intel lifts the veil on Haswell graphics

Intel is clearly tired of Nvidia and AMD kicking sand in its face when it comes to graphics performance. The company has had a talented GPU engineering team for many years. With the fourth generation of Intel's Core CPU line -- codenamed Haswell -- t...

The next home-networking revolution will be wired

The HDBaseT Alliance wants to change a wired dependence with a strategy it has dubbed "5Play convergence": a wired network that carries digital video, audio, data, control signals, and--most interestingly--100 watts of electrical power over a single ...

Nvidia launches affordable 'sweet spot' GPU

Nvidia today fired the next salvo in the GPU arms race: The GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost. Nvidia and arch-rival AMD have decided that 30 frames per second at 1080p resolution is the gaming sweet spot, and so the GPU designers have set about beating each ...

Build a foolproof home-media network - with no wires

A pair of rabbit ears on top of your television, and a turntable and stereo receiver in the corner of the living room used to be prerequisites for home entertainment. But today it's all about digital media and bandwidth. If you want to run Apple TV i...

Rip studio-quality audio from your CDs

I'll show you how to rip tracks from CD and encode them to FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), which delivers compressed but bit-by-bit accurate copies of your music (much as zipping a text file with a compression algorithm can reduce the size of the f...

Buy the right CPU for your next notebook

These days, even average mobile CPUs are powerful enough to rival their desktop cousins in every application other than gaming (and they're catching up on that front, too). That helps explain why sales of notebook computers are overtaking those of de...

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