Stories by Robert Strohmeyer

Get Your Inbox Back to Zero

Whether you're just getting back from a relaxing vacation or just fighting the onslaught of daily messages, staring down the barrel of a loaded inbox can be a pretty demoralizing experience. There's just something fundamentally confidence-killing abo...

Avoid Tech Distractions: Simple Focus Enhancers

What did we do before the Internet? We barely remember, but we think it had something to do with our jobs. Unless you work on a farm or in a coal mine, chances are that your job affords you constant access to Facebook, Twitter, Cute Overload, Fail Bl...

CES gets serious with tablets, 4G, NAS, pocket projectors

CES 2011 has plenty to offer the consumer world, but increasingly it brings major business tech advances, too. This year, we're seeing a flood of new offerings that will make doing business on the road easier, more engaging, and a whole lot more prod...

Fix four common Windows 7 upgrade problems

An experienced PC user knows that not every attempt to upgrade an operating system goes smoothly – but arming yourself with that understanding does little to offset the annoyance you’re bound to feel when confronted with seemingly unresol...

Work in the cloud with a web OS

If your job involves frequent travel, if you use more than one computer for your work, or if you depend on a smartphone for conducting business, you might find it difficult to keep your files in synch and up-to-date. But with the assistance of a web-...

Your PC in 2008 and beyond

The world of science fiction is rapidly becoming fact, from tabletops that charge your laptop wirelessly to wall-mounted PCs that recognise your face and gestures. Thanks to breakthroughs in miniaturisation, you’ll be able to tuck products into...

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