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Intel's Ivy Bridge 3D Chips May Launch April 23

It's almost time for systems based on Intel's Ivy Bridge chips to take their place in the spotlight. CNET says it has learned that the first of several Ivy Bridge-related announcements will transpire on April 23.

And Facebook's Top Games of 2011 Are…

Ever heard of Bingo Blitz? DoubleDown Casino? Gardens of Time? Me neither, but they made Facebook's "top games of 2011," a list derived from games "with more than 100,000 monthly active users and giving priority to those games with the highest user s...

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

You begin in a prison cart, hands bound, juddering down a mountain path as a chorus of French horns plays a mournful melody. You'll spend a lot of time navigating Skyrim's mountains -- whether you're climbing through their snowy heights or just stari...

Microsoft: Look for Halo 4 on Xbox 360, Not 'Xbox Next'

Hello, another vote of confidence for the Xbox 360 hanging around awhile yet: That's where you'll play Halo 4, despite rumors that the inception of Microsoft's second Halo trilogy would launch on whatever set-top platform the company's planning next.

Battlefield 3: Your Xbox 360 is Now Officially a PC

I'm interrupting <a href="">this week's scheduled Arkham City gripe-a-thon</a> to talk about: consoles! Because they're so easy—you just pop the disc in and presto, y...

PAX Trailer Offers Peek at What Halo 4 Might Look Like

Developers come and go, but Halo's probably here for the long haul, and fresh series developer 343 Industries is teasing what the next iteration of this far-flung sci-fi shooter might look like in a new trailer packed with animated color sketches.

Sony Distribution Center torched in London riots

Rioters in London apparently set Sony's Enfield-based DADC (Digital Audio Disc Corporation) facility ablaze last night, reducing the massive disc distribution center to flames and smoke. The massive multi-story, 20,000 square meter building would hav...

World of Warcraft Loses 300,000 Subscribers

It looks like World of Warcraft, Blizzard's nigh indefatigable roleplaying behemoth, may finally be experiencing some serious attrition. The number of paying subscribers for the online game dropped to 11.1 million between May and July, down from 11.4...

Sony grappling with 55 US lawsuits after PSN hack

It looks like Sony may be going to court, and we're not talking once, or thrice, but 55 times over. Yep, the company's facing a whopping 55 lawsuits in the US alone, reports Reuters, each one related to the massive PlayStation Network data breach tha...

Activision Files Complaint Over

It's a <a href="">Modern Warfare 3</a> joke site littered with pro-Battlefield 3 propaganda, trolling fans of the former first-person shooter or anyone sensi...

Did Electronic Arts Pay Too Much for PopCap?

So <a href="">the rumors turned out to be true</a>: Electronic Arts, one of the world's largest games publishers, is snapping up PopCap, the company that won't stop c...

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