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Free Game Friday: Dinosaurs, dolphins and unicorns

Free Game Friday is no stranger to bizarre games, but this week's collection is maybe even stranger than usual. This week's collection of free games has you playing a music video with thousands of other people, fighting space squids and running aroun...

Free Game Friday: Weeklong roguelike challenge

Roguelike games, defined by their high degree of difficulty and randomly-generated loot and enemies, are seeing a resurgence lately—games like Binding of Isaac and FTL remix the tried-and-true Rogue formula and bring a lot of indie attention to the g...

Free Game Friday: Remakes, demakes and more

While game creators are constantly creating new game mechanics they’re also refining the old ones, making new games out of systems we’ve known and loved for years. From a remake of an Apple II favorite to a 2D Minecraft, this week’s free games look a...

Free Game Friday: Free Don't Mean Easy

This week we’ve got 5 different games that redefine difficultly in games. Some are hard to play, some are hard to watch and some are just brutally difficult for everyone involved. If you’re looking for a game that challenges you, each of these will f...

Free Game Friday: Text-Based Games

In honor of the 2012 Interactive Fiction contest we'll be featuring text-based games in this week's Free Game Friday roundup. Not all of this week's games come from the competition, but they all feature the written word as their main gameplay mechani...

Free Game Friday: Demonic puzzles and predicting the future

After the last few weeks of game jams drowning us in free games we're back to the regular schedule of small, indie developers making games for your thrifty pleasure. These games are still just as good (if not better) than what we've previously shown ...

Free Game Friday: A Civilization Simulator and a Free MMO

We've got a lovely little 3D puzzle platformer and another simulator game for you this week, but the big story in free games right now is that an entire MMO has been released for free. Not free to play with a lot of strings attached but actually free...

Podcasting: All you need to know

The first podcasts broadcast over the Internet more than a decade ago, and since that time much has changed. Podcasting has gone from a niche hobby for amateurs to a recording industry that's helping many entertainers make a living.

Free Game Friday: Three Games on Evolution

This week’s roundup of free games are all about evolving. Thanks to a recent Ludum Dare 48 Hour game jam on the theme of evolution, this week has seen a cavalcade of great free games about the survival of the fittest.

Guild Wars 2 Launches: Two Failures And One Success

I've written at length about the features and advances in Guild Wars 2 from my time in their last beta weekend. But now the game has properly launched and, as you might expect, Guild Wars 2 is experiencing the traditional spate of MMO launch week dif...

Valve Employee Talks Virtual Reality Gaming

The future of video gaming may lie in virtual reality. No, that's not 1996 calling; its Valve Software's Michael Abrash, a game industry legend and one of the minds behind Quake and Doom. Abrash recently sat down for an interview with Rock Paper Shot...

Free game Friday: gaming with science and Wikipedia

This week’s games will have you helping out with cutting edge science and using one of earth’s largest repositories of knowledge to make your own RPG. Plus, there’s a platformer and 8-bit Borderlands

Valve release Team Fortress 2 Mann Vs. Machine update

Free-to-Play FPS juggernaut Team Fortress 2 is finally releasing its long-rumored cooperative mode. After years of team-based deathmatches and flag captures, this week we'll see the release of the game’s Mann vs. Machine update, which is expect...

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