Stories by Loyd Case

How Windows 8 rewrites the rules of PC gaming

PC gaming is primed for a renaissance—or at least a reinvention—like we haven’t seen since the advent of 3D acceleration in the late 1990s. For this, we can thank the mobile revolution and all its attendant technologies. Game developers can now tap i...

PC gaming performance on Windows 8: A hard-data analysis

In the transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8, Microsoft has implemented scads of changes to improve the operating system's performance and responsiveness. To wit: The DirectX programming interface adds more robust 2D functionality, and in Windows 8 ...

How to future-proof your hardware for Windows 8

It's like a special consumer-tech corollary of Murphy's law: Your PC will inevitably die just before a new Windows OS is about to ship. You need a new laptop immediately, and you can't wait to buy one that comes with the new OS preinstalled.

Choose the right graphics card

Modern graphics cards are intimidating, hulking beasts in a world of increasingly tiny PC components. Most of them are double-wide, occupying two expansion-slot spaces, even though they use only a single physical slot. Many require two power connecto...

Microsoft releases Windows 8; Windows 8 Store opens

Microsoft's Steve Sinofsky announced on the Building Windows 8 blog Wednesday that development on Windows 8 is now complete. The final bits are being shipped to hardware OEMs, which can now do the heavy lifting of integrating the shiny new OS into ne...

First impressions: Windows 8 Release Preview

I'm sitting in my breakfast nook, my Samsung Series 9 sitting on the countertop. I check the news, and then look at how the markets are doing. After that, I fire up IE 10 to check my morning blogs, which kills another 15 minutes or so. At that point...

Are netbooks dead? The prognosis is grim

Remember netbooks? Those inexpensive, highly portable, long-battery-life laptops made primarily for lightweight tasks like web browsing? Netbook sales have declined. In the United States, sales have dropped precipitously since 2010, and the trend in ...

How to: benchmark your PC

Whenever you read a PC review or a component review, benchmark results typically accompany it. Such results are most often in the form of numbers, such as a score or a frames-per-second total. Sometimes they're relative, in that the result is posted ...

Calibrate your home-theatre audio

Sound is a big part of a satisfying home-theater setup, and people tend to give a movie higher marks when they watch it with good surround sound audio than with simple stereo. So improving the audio listening environment in your family room or living...

Build a 3D home-theatre PC

Today's PCs come in various designs and sizes. But as living rooms become more theatrelike, with multichannel speaker systems and high-definition TVs, the thought of plugging a boxy PC into an entertainment centre seems unappealing.

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