Square Enix launches Oceania Data Center for Final Fantasy 14 Online

Square Enix says Fans of Final Fantasy 14 Online in Australia and New Zealand can now enjoy a smoother experience of the game online thanks to the launch of an Oceania Data Center. 

The Oceania Data Center, which launched alongside Patch 6.08, is part of the company's global plan to expand the game's server capacity in response to rising player numbers and in-game congestion - a problem that ultimately led it to make the decision to suspend sales of the game back in December 2021.

The Center, hopefully, should also provide Oceania region players with faster online pings, allowing them to avoid some of the lag they may have experienced when joining overseas servers. 

Right now, the Oceania Data Center is accessible for new character creation only, but the company has promised that Home World Transfers will be possible from January 26, 2022. From this time, Five Worlds will be available, with Square Enix confirming that all Worlds will be designated as New Worlds, which means players who transfer will get special bonuses, like:

  • Free Home World Transfer for players transferring from another world
  • Double EXP for both newly created and transferred characters (up to Level 80) and, 
  • Gold and Silver Chocobo Feathers exchangeable for special in-game rewards.
Credit: Square Enix

To mark the launch of the Oceania Data Center, Square Enix has also created a map of Australia and New Zealand in the style of the world map of Hydaelyn, complete with recognisable creatures, landmarks and cities. Fans can get their hands on a copy in the form of a downloadable desktop wallpaper

With server expansion now underway, sales of the Final Fantasy 14 Online Starter and Complete Editions will also resume, Square Enix says.