Tilted Towers will possibly return to Fortnite tonight

Will you be dropping in?

Tilted Towers has been absent from Fortnite since 2019, but that might be about to change when a patch goes live tonight that will possibly see the popular point of interest return to the game. 

We say possibly, because all hopes are riding on a tweet from the game's official account that doesn't mention Tilted Towers at all, but shows off a mysterious tower emoji with the words "One More Sleep".

Players also suspect Tilted Towers is coming because of how Chapter 3 has progressed so far. Since its launch, parts of Fortnite's island, which have been covered in snow, have been gradually melting, with the next lot of melting reveals due to drop this week.

The location also has a bit of a history with January 18, being the date that Tilted Towers was originally added to the game back in 2018. If anniversaries are anything to go by, it's the perfect day for the POI to be re-added. 

Tilted Towers is a location from Fortnite's original Battle Royale. Since its 2018 appearance, it has been added and removed from the game more than once as a result of various updates, but it was last played 3 years ago. It's considered one of the more popular landmarks in Fortnite because of its excellent hiding spots and valuable weapon spawn points that make for some epic firefights. 

If it is going to appear, players should be able to drop in once update V19.10 takes effect, which will be when servers go down and come back up on January 18, around 7am or 8am (ET). For Australian players, that's January 18, 10pm or 11pm (AEST) and for New Zealand Players, January 19, 1am or 2am (NZST).