Best Click Frenzy phone plan deals: Telstra, Optus and More

How to find the best phone deals during Click Frenzy 2021

It’s Click Frenzy time again. Here’s a round-up of the best mobile deals you can find during the online sales event.


If you’re looking to knock a decent amount off the price of a premium smartphone through Telstra, we have some great news. Telstra is reducing the price of the high-end Samsung Galaxy S21 5G handset by AU$250 when you add the phone to an Upfront Mobile plan before November 15. 

You can take advantage of this offer by clicking on the widget below:

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (128GB) deal plans

If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, you still have a few options in Telstra’s Click Frenzy sale. Telstra is also offering AU$100 off the price of a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, or Oppo A94 5G when paired with a 12, 24 or 36-month Telstra Upfront Plan. Click on the widgets below to choose your plan:

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G deal plans

Oppo A94 5G deal plans

If you're more of a tablet person, Telstra has two tablet deals worth considering, each offer AU$300 off the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab7+. See the widgets below for these offers: 

Samsung Galaxy Tab7 (128GB) deal plans

Samsung Galaxy Tab7+ (256GB) deal plans


If you're a heavy data user, or if you're thinking of gorging on some Netfilx, Disney+, Stan or Fox Sports content in the coming months, you might want to consider a standout data plan offered by Optus as part of its Click Frenzy sale. 

Optus customers will receive 500GB data for AU$65/month for the first 12 months, when they sign up to the Optus Plus Promo Plan before November 17

Optus also has a deal going on the Oppo A53s smartphone. If you purchase this device on an eligible SIM plan and stay connected for 36 months, Optus will reduce your device payments to just AU$1/month for the 36 months. 

You'll still have to pay your chosen plan fees on top of that, but the deal should save you AU$242.64 off the devices' recommended retail price. See below for details:

Oppo A53s deal plans


Circles.Life has deals across all of its plans. The company has slashed the prices on three of it's plans for up to six months and added additional data to two of it's plans. See below for the details:

Circles.Life 10GB plan

  • Deal plan: 10GB/month for AU$10
  • Was: 5GB/month for AU$10 
  • Conditions: Additional data is for 3 months only. 

Circles.Life 50GB plan

  • Deal plan: 50GB/month for AU$15
  • Was: 30GB/month for AU$25
  • Conditions: Data resets to 30GB/month after 3 months. Reduced monthly fee is for 6 months only. 

Circles.Life 100GB plan

  • Deal plan: 100GB/month for AU$30
  • Was: AU$45/month 
  • Conditions: Reduced monthly fee is for 6 months only. 

 Circles.Life 160GB plan

  • Deal plan: 160GB/month for AU$45
  • Was: AU$55/month 
  • Conditions: Reduced monthly fee is for 6 months only. 

Boost Mobile

For Click Frenzy, Boost Mobile has reduced the cost of two of its most popular pre-paid SIMs. See below for what's on offer:

Boost $30 Prepaid SIM deal

  • Deal: 40GB Prepaid SIM for AU$10
  • Was: 40GB Prepaid SIM for AU$30 (AU$20 off)

Boost $300 Prepaid SIM deal 

  • Deal: 260GB Prepaid SIM for AU$260
  • Was: 260GB Prepaid SIM for AU$300 (AU$40 off)