New Belkin earbuds come with dual wireless charging pad

Charge your buds and your phone simultaneously

Belkin has released a new range of true wireless earbuds in Australia as part of a new Soundform Audio Range, including three new devices with Qi compatible charging.

Top of the new range is Belkin’s Soundform Freedom earbuds. These earbuds feature 8mm audio drivers and while they don’t feature Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), they do have Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC) technology.

If you’re wondering what that is, ENC acts to detect environmental noise around the earbud and stops it entering the user’s ear. Audio purists may still prefer ANC for its better noise blocking capability, but unlike ANC, ENC doesn’t produce noise inside your ear in order to block out the ambient sound, so it has won quite a few fans who say it’s better for your ears. Nevertheless, ENC is an interesting choice by Belkin for its flagship Soundform earbuds.

Belkin Soundform Freedom earbudsCredit: Belkin
Belkin Soundform Freedom earbuds

Ambient noise aside, Belkin has included a very useful feature in the Freedom buds. To make them easier to find, the Freedom earbuds can be integrated with "Apple Find My" that allows users to track the location of their misplaced device via their phone. That should appeal to the forgetful among us - or just those with hectic lifestyles that can spare no mental faculty for tracking their possessions.

The Soundform Freedom earbuds also come with BoostCharge dual wireless charging pads, a neat addition that lets users charge their earbuds as well as another Qi compatible device simultaneously, which could be a big time saver. 

Belkin says they can last for up to 8 hours between charges and 28 hours when paired with their case. They’re priced at AU$199.95.

Dual wireless charging pad Credit: Belkin
Dual wireless charging pad

The step-down model, the Soundform Rise, have a closed / passive noise isolating design that physically blocks noise from entering your ear and interfering with your audio experience. Sound is delivered via smaller 6mm audio drivers, which should still deliver a decent audio range.

Soundform Rise earbudsCredit: Belkin
Soundform Rise earbuds

They offer 7 hours battery runtime from the buds and 24 when paired with the case. 

These earbuds lack Apple’s integrated Find My integration. The Rise do however, come with a Belkin BoostCharge Power Bank 10K (multi-port) for on the go charging. Belkin has set a price of AU$119.95.

The entry level option carries the name Soundform Move Plus. These earbuds have a similar hardware configuration to the Rise, featuring 6mm audio drivers and a closed / passive noise isolating design, but they feature a stem-style form factor. Belkin says they offer 5 hours battery life in the stem and a further 19 hours when combined with their case. They come with a Belkin Wireless Charging Pad and cost AU$89.95

All three options come with capacitive controls on both earbuds and an IPX5 resistance rating for surviving splashes and sweat. The Soundform Freedom, Rise and Move Plus are now available at Big W.

A fourth release in the Soundform range are the Soundform Mini on-ear wireless headphones. These headphones are designed for children, so they include a number of thoughtful design considerations for kids, including a maximum listening volume of 85dB, and large easy to navigate mechanical buttons.

Soundform Mini are yet to be released, but will have a price tag of AU$39.95 and will also be available at Big W.