Amazon extends Amazon Music Unlimited free trial

New subscribers now get 3 months free

Amazon is now offering new subscribers to its ad free, on-demand music service, Amazon Music Unlimited, a 3-month free trial instead of just a one-month free trial.

With the monthly fee costing AU$11.99 per month in Australia that means new subscribers can save AU$36 on their first three months subscription fees, with their first 12 month’s subscription fees costing just AU$108. 

After the three months is up, the subscription fee will revert to the standard monthly fee of AU$11.99 per month. The 3-months free trial is available only for a limited time and ends January 10, 2022.

Amazon Music Unlimited versus Amazon Prime Music

If you’re already a subscriber to Amazon Prime, which incidentally also has a one free month trial period, you should have access to Amazon’s middle tier music subscription service, Amazon Music Prime. If so, why would you want to consider upgrading to Amazon Music Unlimited?

One reason is there’s a lot more music and other content on offer for music lovers in Amazon Music Unlimited, and you also get a better quality audio playback.

While Amazon Music Prime is still a descent subscription for streaming and listening to music, offering you access to 2 million songs and thousands of playlists as well as personalized streaming stations and functionality like Alexa integration and offline Playback, Amazon Music Unlimited gives subscribers access to a much larger catalog of 75 million songs.

In Unlimited you also get personalized streaming stations, Alexa integration as well as offline playback, but you can listen to over 7 million songs in High Definition (16-bit audio up to 850Kbps at 44.kHz) instead of just standard definition audio in the Prime Music subscription.

That said, if you're not a heavy listener, the Prime option might still be the best value at AU$6.99, since you also get the other benefits of your Amazon Prime account - features like: big discounts on products at the Amazon Prime Day sales and expedited and free local delivery. 

Even so, Amazon's current Amazon Music Unlimited promotion does make the top tier subscription an enticing prospect and one we expect we will see a lot of people take advantage of.