TCL NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses promise a home cinema-like experience

Smart specs for movie buffs, sports fans and gamers

TCL are best known for their TVs and smartphones but their latest product may cement them firmly into the smart wearables market. NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses are designed to emulate the home theatre experience, and we must admit, they do look very cool.

The glasses were originally showcased at CES last year, as well as MWC earlier this year, where they created a bit of a buzz. NXTWEAR G are aimed at movie lovers, gamers and sports fans that like to take that experience anywhere. TCL claim they provide a viewing experience akin to watching a 140-inch screen, albeit on the go.

TCL NXTWEAR G Smart GlassesCredit: TCL
TCL NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses

The technology they pack sounds impressive for a wearables product. NXTWEAR G have Full High-Definition duel Sony micro OLED screens, capable of displaying images in 1080p. They also include stereo speakers for viewers to enjoy audio while they’re watching.

NXTWEAR G look to be sporting a fairly sleek, black design that could pass them off as being an average pair of sunglasses. TCL say that’s exactly how they are meant to be worn, just like a normal pair of glasses. For comfort, their case carries three adjustable nose pads, as well as a lens adapter that TCL says should allow users to personalise their viewing experience for any prescriptions they might have.  

Credit: TCL

In terms of how they work, charging is not required. Instead, the product offers plug and play functionality and compatibility with up to 100 different smartphones, tablets and hybrid two-in-one devices that support USB Type-C. Materially, they are composed of a metal frame surrounded by silica gel and touch nylon.

The viewing experience allows for multi-screen interaction. Users can switch between screens with a rotation of their heads, allowing them to toggle between tasks like watching a film or checking the weather, TCL promises.

Credit: TCL

The glasses have been released in Australia before the rest of the world, giving Australians the opportunity of trying them out first. TCL say this demonstrates their commitment to the Australian market.

The NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses don’t come cheap. They’ll set you back AU$899. They are available to purchase now from Harvey Norman. NXTWEAR G customers will also be able to redeem a six month subscription to Optus Sport after purchase.