TCL's 2020 4K & 8K Range Explained: 8K vs Mini-LED

TCL's 2020 TV range is finally arriving on Australian shores.

According to TCL Electronics Australia and New Zealand Managing Director, Mark Zhang,“TCL’s QLED TV 2020 range looks to take entertainment to the next level by revolutionising the at-home viewing experience."

The Chinese brand's latest lineup here shakes out to include four new models. Here's what you need to know about each.

For future reference, all four new TVs run on Android TV, support wide color gamut playback, voice control and feature a built-in Chromecast.

TCL X915

TCL X915Credit: TCL
TCL X915

This is TCL's 2020 flagship. Available in 75-inch and 65-inch sizes, it's a fully-fledged 8K TV that boasts integrated quantum dot color tech, local dimming and support Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision and IMAX Enhanced. It's the only TCL TV to support the latter standard. However, there isn't that actually that much IMAX Enhanced content you can get in Australia right now, so that's not necessarily as much of a boon as it might appear.

Australian pricing for the TCL X915 starts at AU$4299. TCL say the TV will be available from July 2020.


TCL X10Credit: TCL

The TCL X20 Series Mini-LED is the first Mini-LED powered consumer-grade 4K TV to be launched for Australians.

As per our explainer on the topic, "Like the name suggests, MicroLEDs allow for displays that creates images through an array of microscopic light-emitting diodes. However, these diodes also happen to self-emissive on a per-pixel level. Basically, imagine an LCD LED TV - but imagine that each LCD is much, much smaller and comes with its own built-in backlight."

The TCL X10 is available in two sizes: 65-inch and 75-inches. Like the TCL 915, it also touts local dimming, Dolby Vision and Atmos supports. However, it lacks a certification for IMAX Enhanced content and in-built Onkyo Audio.

Australian pricing for the Mini-LED 4K TV starts at AU$4699. TCL say the X10 will be hitting shelves in July 2020.

TCL C815

TCL C815Credit: TCL
TCL C815

Stepping down from the next-generation display tech found in the TCL 915 and TCL X10, the TCL C815 is a 4K TV that drops the local dimming but keeps support for Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision and HDR10+.

It's available in three sizes rather than just the usual two: 75-inches, 65-inches and 55-inches. The 55-inch C815 starts at AU$1499. The 65-inch C815 is priced at AU$1499. The 75-inch C815 lands at AU$2999.

All three will be available from July 2020.

TCL C715 Series

Credit: TCL C715

Like the C815, the TCL C715 is a quantum dot-enhanced 4K HDR10+ compliant smart TV that runs on the Android TV operating system and features support for most of the usual HDR formats.

The TCL C715 is available in three sizes: 65-inches, 55-inches and 50-inches. Local pricing for the C715 starts at $999. The TV  will be available from July 2020.