Mighty add support for Amazon Music to portable player

Mighty’s streaming-friendly music player now supports both Spotify and Amazon music streaming.

Until now, Mighty users have been limited to just Spotify. Support for Amazon Music Streaming was added through a software update earlier. No word on when or if Apple Music will even join the party. 

However, this new feature isn’t without its limits. For now, “Mighty works with one music service at a time. If you switch music services, all previously synced playlists will be removed.”

Existing Mighty users will need to update both to both the latest version of the Mighty app and update the firmware on their portable music player before they can make the switch to Amazon Music.

Launched in 2018, the original Mighty basically promised to marry the form-factor of the classic iPod Nano with the modern conveniences of music streaming. A follow-up, the Mighty Vibe, was launched in 2019.  

You can find more info on the Mighty Vibe over at their official website.