What is Dolby Vision IQ?

Dolby Vision is changing in 2020. Here’s what you need to know about Dolby Vision IQ and how it’s changing the way that HDR content looks on your next TV. 

What is Dolby Vision IQ

Dolby Vision IQ is a new feature that is set to launch for LG and Panasonic TVs in 2020. 

The technology here combines the dynamic metadata found in Dolby Vision content with an embedded light sensor found in your 4K TV of choice.

Working in concert, those two components then calibrate and optimise the picture quality to suit the environment around your TV. Basically - where previous Dolby Vision support was fairly rigid, Dolby Vision IQ allows for more flexibility and allows for better viewing experiences in sketchier lighting scenarios.

Given that glare remains a nagging issue for many OLED TVs that support Dolby Vision content, Dolby Vision IQ has the potential to provide significant improvements to your everyday viewing experience - assuming you're watching appropriately mastered HDR content. For more info on HDR TVs and HDR standards like Dolby Vision, check out our guide here.

How is Dolby Vision IQ different from regular Dolby Vision?

As opposed to its namesake, Dolby Vision IQ is not a new standard for HDR content. Instead, it’s a new software feature that uses the dynamic metadata found in Dolby Vision content towards new ends. 

A TV without Dolby Vision IQ can only show one kind of Dolby Vision experience - no matter the conditions. TVs with Dolby Vision IQ promise to provide an experience that best suits the viewing conditions of your specific TV.

For a better look at what Dolby Vision IQ offers, check out the video below:

Will Dolby Vision IQ be coming to older TVs?

At this stage, Dolby Vision IQ looks set to come to 2020 LG and Panasonic TVs. 

The lack of ambient light sensors in older TVs that support Dolby Vision content might make a retroactive rollout of the feature challenging. Obviously, you won’t be able to find it in any 4K or 8K TVs that don’t support Dolby Vision either.

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Credit: LG