Samsung gear up for 2020 with wider MicroLED range



After years of teasing, Samsung are finally gearing up to sell a select range of MicroLED-powered TVs.After years of teasing, Samsung are finally gearing up to sell a select range of MicroLED-powered TVs.

Kicking off this year’s CES in Las Vegas, the company announced it’ll now sell MicroLED TVs in four sizes: 77-inches, 88-inches, 93-inches, 110-inches and 150-inches. 

The 88-inch and 150-inch models in particular even feature the same sort of ultra-thin bezels found in This year’s QLED range

In action, Samsung claim the next generation displays are capable of an impressive 5000-nits of brightness and “provide an unparalleled sense of immersion for the at-home viewing experience.”

Previously, Samsung have sold MicroLED TVs like the new range in Australia - but only in a single size and only to business customers. This year will mark the first time regular, albeit wealthy, consumers can get in on the action. For more on MicroLED, check out this guide.

In previous years, Samsung have demonstrated MicroLED displays that split apart and then reconnect with the idea being that you could ‘scale’ the size of the TV to the size of its environment. That unique promise will make it through the final product with Samsung saying that consumers will be able to connect multiple MicroLED panels together to suit the environment. 

It’s not yet clear how consumers will be able to take advantage of the modularity allowed for by the technology or if they’ll need an on-site expert to assist in the process but it’s still an nifty technological perk of owning MicroLED over the other options.

We’ve reached out to confirm with Samsung whether they’ll be looking to offer these new MicroLED options in Australia (and how much they’ll cost) but have yet to hear back.

Disclosure - our coverage of CES 2020 was sponsored by Intel and Dell, who covered the cost of our flights to the US and our accommodation for the duration of our stay in Las Vegas.