How to sign up for Disney+ for free

Meaning to check out The Mandalorian but don’t want to lock yourself into a subscription for Disney’s streaming service just yet? Good news: there’s a 7-day free trial of the service available and it’s relatively painless to take advantage of.

Here's a quick guide on how to sign up for Disney+'s free 7-day trial.

Note - While setting up a Disney+ account is technically free, you do have to enter your credit card or PayPal details in order to do so. 

Step 0 - Availability

For this whole process to work, you do have to be located in a region where Disney+ is already available. 

At the time of writing, Disney+ is available in the United States, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico. If you live in any of the above regions, you'll be able to follow the below steps and sign up for a Disney+ free trial.

Disney say they’ll be rolling Disney+ out to the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Ireland on March 31st 2020. If you live in any of these regions, you'll have to wait until Disney+ officially launches in your country before you can sign up for your free trial.

Step 1 -

Fire up that web-browser and jump over to the Disney + website.

Credit: Fergus Halliday

Once you're there, hit the big blue button marked Start 7-Day Free Trial. 

Step 2 - Enter your email

If you do, you’ll be taken to a signup that discloses the subscriber agreement and privacy policy documents for the service and asks you for your email. 

Credit: Fergus Halliday

Enter your email and hit the agree & continue button to do exactly that. 

Unless you want to get on Disney’s lists, it's probably best to leave the box marked “Yes, I would like to receive, by electronic means, updates information and offers about Disney+ and other products and services from The Walt Disney Family of Companies” selected. 

You do not need to tick this box to sign up for your free trial of Disney+.

Step 3 - Choose a password

Now you need to choose a password for your Disney+ account.

If you need help, we’ve got this great feature on crafting a secure password here. Regardless, once you’ve generated your extremely-secure-and-hard-to-guess password, enter it and hit the button to continue. 

Step 4 - Setup a payment method

Credit: Fergus Halliday

As mentioned before, signing up for a free trial of Disney+ won’t cost you a cent but you will need to part with some account credentials for verification purposes. 

This isn’t radically different to how similar services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video work but, if it’s not something you’re comfortable sharing with Disney, now is probably the time to turn back. For more on how each streaming service differs, check out our guide to all of Australia's streaming services here

Use this screen to enter either your payment information and select whether you’re interested in paying or Disney+ on an annual or monthly basis. Month-to-month, Disney+ is priced at AU$8.99. 

Paying once a year shaves a little bit of the cost away. Compared to going monthly, the annual plan for Disney+ saves you about $17 over the course of a year or $89.99 in total.

Step 5 - Install the Disney+ app

Credit: Disney

Congrats, your 7-day free trial (and potentially subscription) of Disney+ starts now! 

You can get stuck into watching Disney+ content right away via your web-browser but, if you want to watch content on your big TV or on the train via your phone or tablet, you’re probably going to want to download the Disney+ app for your platform of choice.

At the moment, select LG and Samsung’s smart TVs have a dedicated Disney+ app. Hisense TVs don’t

Disney+ is also available on iOS, Android, iPadOS, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Roku, Apple and Android TV.