Computex 2019: CoolerMaster trim the fat from their MM710 gaming mouse

CoolerMaster have unveiled an ultra-lite gaming mouse that features an exposed honeycomb chassis.

Weighing less than 55g, the CoolerMaster MM710 is as eye-catching as it is light. On the inside, it features a  Pixart 3389 optical sensor that's adjustable up to 32,000 DPI.

Then, on the outside, the MM710 touts a unique and proprietary honeycomb design that sets it apart from most other gaming mice on a visual level. It also makes the MM710 super light to handle. Whether that exposed design will present durability problems for the unit is another question.

Should you spill a drink on it, it's not clear whether the MM710's unique look will be able to provide adequate protection. Still, it is something a little different - which is always nice to see.

CoolerMaster also say that the new mouse is ambidextrous but better suited for right-handers.

No word yet on Australian pricing and availability for the CoolerMaster MM710 has yet to be announced.

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