Computex 2019: ASUS show off their concept motherboard of the future

Although the company are still keeping quiet on whatever happened to Project Precog, ASUS did show off a similarly-radical motherboard concept at this year’s Computex.

Called the ASUS Prime Utopia, it features water-cooled VRM thermal tech, new Hydra Cortex fan header and a 7-inch OLED touch display that can be used to view real time performance data and control your PCs fans.

ASUS say that they're currently working with partners to develop fans that are compatible with this aspect of the Prime Utopia motherboard.

ASUS’ concept motherboard also moves the graphics card to the back of the board and incorporates a unique set of I/O modules, allowing users to easily piece together the selection of ports that best suits their build. Design-wise, this thing looks like the stuff of science fiction.

According to ASUS, "One of the most salient features is the convention-breaking placement of PCIe slots at the back of the board for improved thermal management. The layout frees up prime estate on the front of the board for more expansion cards and M.2 drives, and enables heat from next-gen CPU, graphics cards, and M.2 drives to be optimally managed for throttle-free performance."

Credit: Fergus Halliday | IDG

Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on when – or even if – the ASUS Prime  Utopia concept motherboard actually make it to market, nor what it’ll cost. Like Project Precog, it's more of an idea than it is an actual product you can buy. Something that excites your imagination and makes it that much easier to invest in ASUS as your notebook brand of choice.

Nevertheless, it’s an interesting development. Motherboards have certainly improved and changed over the last decade but reinventions as radical as this one is are rare. And even if the future ASUS are promising is far from set in stone, the notion that the future of motherboard design could look this different is still an exciting one to dwell upon.