Netgear launches new Whole-Home Orbi Wi-Fi System

Netgear has introduced a new model of its Orbi Whole Home WiFi System in Australia.

The new RBK23 comes with an Orbi Wi-Fi Router and Satellite, designed to support Wi-Fi mesh networking for homes and properties up to 555 square meters.

The Orbi Whole Home Wi-Fi System delivers up to 2.2Gbps Wi-Fi enhanced by FastLane3 Technology.

Orbi works with a single WiFi network name and has dedicated Tri-Band WiFi for 4K HD video streaming and gaming. Users can also control Orbi through a variety of voice commands for Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

“No matter the size of your home, you deserve the best WiFi experience possible,” said David Henry, Senior Vice President of Connected Home Products for Netgear.

“The new Orbi RBK23 router and satellite will push your WiFi coverage to the edge of your home, up to 555 square metres. Orbi eliminates dead spots due to challenging building materials, as it’s easy to add another satellite if needed, under the same network name. With our patented industry-first Tri-band WiFi, you can stream your favourite TV series in the upstairs master bedroom while your kids are playing rapid-fire online games in the media room downstairs, all without a hitch.”

The Netgear 2.2Gbps Orbi Home WiFi System is available now. The RBK20 includes one router with one satellite for $369. The RBK23 includes one router with two satellites for $499.

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