Fujifilm announces new X-T100 camera for entry-level photography

Fujifilm has announced the latest addition to the X Series family to bring photography back out of the smartphone.

“Our new X-T100 caters for entry-level photographers looking of their first real camera at high-school, university, or picking up the passion again down the track. It’s a step above your average smartphone camera and is small and lightweight,” said Craig Robertson, Fujifilm’s New Zealand X Series Specialist.

In keeping with X Series dedication to downsizing hefty camera gear without compromising on image quality, the small but mighty X-T100 weighs just 448g with a durable anodised aluminium coating and extended battery life.

“Like your smartphone, this mighty little camera fits in your coat pocket, but the image quality of its stills and 4K movie recording is streets apart,” said Mr Robertson.

“And with updated high-speed Bluetooth capabilities, automatic image transfer is quick and simple with paired devices. It’s about maximising what digital cameras were made for and having your smart device as the connectivity hub it was designed to be.”

For those taking their first steps into the photography world, the X-T100’s advanced automatic scene recognition and newly developed autofocus algorithm promise faster and more precise focusing.

Fujifilm’s signature colour reproduction technology gives X Series photographs unparalleled vibrancy. The X-T100 also offers 11 variations of the iconic Film Simulation Modes and 17 variations of Advanced Filters.

The X-T100 will land in New Zealand photographic specialty stores from June 18th and will have a kit price of $1,299.