Samsung predicts 40 million Galaxy S III handsets sold

Not only will the Galaxy S III sell like hotcakes, according to Samsung, but there's also a range of accessories.

While PC World attended the Samsung Galaxy S III Mobile World Tour in Sydney yesterday, for New Zealanders, there wasn't terribly much new to report. We got the phone a full 12 hours before Australia did, after all.

Gregory Lee, the VP and CEO or mobile, Southeast Asia, Oceania and Taiwan, said that Samsung expected sales of the Galaxy S III to exceed the combined sales of the Galaxy S and SII.

Samsung has thus far sold 24 million Galaxy S units, and 28 million Galaxy S IIs.

What was interesting from a Kiwi perspective was what else was on offer there. We saw accessories ranging from wireless media players designed to take your Galaxy songs with you, to docks, battery charging stands, cases and more. We asked about New Zealand availability, and were told that a selection of the flip-cover cases (see below) will be available immediately, as will the desktop dock, while other accessories should appear in a week or two. The flip cover replaces the back cover of the Galaxy S III, and provides it with a protective flap.

We also found out that the Pebble Blue version of the S III, which has reportedly had supply issues, should be available some time towards the end of next week. The Marble White version is available now.

Finally, we spoke to Samsung representatives about the experience with the S III. The people we spoke to said it had taken anything from a few days to two weeks to get the phone handset's S Voice to fully understand a new accent. It takes some training, in other words. Most were interested in talking about the S-beam, which allows you to transfer photos, web pages and videos from one Galaxy S III to another just by touching them, then sending the file.

The Australian Olympic team will each be getting a Galaxy S III to take to London with them, but Samsung representatives were unable to tell us whetheer the NZ Olympians will also get Galaxy S III handsets.