Review: Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse

This miniature touch-based travel mouse is designed for Windows 8 laptops, tablets and convertable devices.
  • Zara Baxter (Unknown Publication)
  • 09 October, 2012 22:00

NameBluetooth mouse: Microsoft Wedge Touch Keyboard
At a glance:Bluetooth enabled, two button wireless mouse,Battery powered, no recharging station,Customisable buttons allow app-specific setups
Summary:Tiny – and usable – laptop mouse that has regular sized buttons on a tiny form factor.

I honestly thought I was going to hate this mouse. It has no rest for your hand, relying instead on a shortened form that includes the mouse buttons and little else. That makes for some nice design touches – you slide out the side to access the battery slot, for example – but I worried about how genuinely it would feel like a, well, real mouse.

I needn’t have worried. Unlike some of the itty-bitty mouses I’ve tried in the past, this is a pleasure to use on the wrist-rest of a laptop. It fits, and it keeps everything you need to a normal, usable size, while eliminating those things you don’t.

The software, too, is trouble-free. It installs once you pair via Bluetooth, and offers customisation of your buttons. The bit I liked was that you could assign app-specific custom buttons. I had my right-click opening a new tab in Chrome when I clicked a link, for example.

While it’s useful, that’s not to say it’s perfect. There’s no recharge dock for the battery – though you’re likely to get months of use without one – and I found customising a little more unwieldy than I’d like in terms of finding and setting up custom clicks. Also minor but annoying: the one time I dropped it down the side of the sofa, it lost its signal and I had to wait around 30 seconds for it to reconnect. Finally, I’m just a touch concerned about how robust that side-sliding panel would prove in the long-term. But those are pretty minor concerns: this is the best laptop mini-mouse I’ve ever used.