Review: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad

This Bluetooth-connected keyboard cover is aluminium on the outside and piano-black plastic inside, with a groove for the iPad to rest in while you type.
  • Zara Baxter (PC World New Zealand)
  • 30 April, 2013 22:00

NameiPad keyboard: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad
At a glance:Attaches to iPad using magnets - but not as securely as we'd like, Rechargable battery with six months from a charge, Groove holds the iPad in place for convenient typing
Summary:It looks great, but its minor flaws get in the way of an otherwise good product.

My first impressions of the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard cover weren't good. I tried - and failed - to securely attach it to my iPad 2 three times before it finally took. Then when I picked the combination up, it slipped off again. Now, my iPad has a fair bit of wear on its case from having used a cover for the past two years, but the Smart Cover still grips fine, so I'm not sure why the Logitech cover doesn't. It makes me concerned for how well this would work with the slightly heavier iPad 3rd gen.

Still, I decided to overlook that part and get on with actually using the device. This proved much more satisfactory. Pairing the Keyboard Cover with my iPad took just seconds, and a switch on the side of the keyboard turns Bluetooth on or off. If you're like me, and often take the cover off entirely, this is very convenient and battery-saving.

The keyboard cover is aluminium on the outside and piano-black inside, with a groove for the iPad to rest in while you type - which necessitates removing the cover, of course - and a recessed tray that holds the keys. It weighs 327 grams, which is approximately half the weight of the iPad 2.

When the Keyboard Cover is docked to the iPad 2 they make a very neat looking, slender clamshell case. A nice touch is that it also auto-wakes and auto-sleeps the iPad when you open and close the cover, just as the Smart Cover does.

My iPad 2 slotted neatly into the groove for typing. I'm a pretty fast thumb-typist on the iPad in portrait mode when I'm standing at press events, but for those times when I have something to rest the iPad on, the option for a keyboard would be very convenient.

And the keyboard is good. Initially I made a number of mistakes, because the keyboard is about 20% smaller than full size, and takes some adjustment. After ten minutes of typing, however, I was up to a much better speed - and a keyboard definitely beats thumb-typing for longer emails, blogging, and writing on the iPad. I did find that when I rested the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover on my knees, it was a little easy to tilt things too far, at which point the iPad 2 would topple over. The shiny surface collects fingerprints readily, but that's a very minor flaw and Logitech provides a cleaning cloth to help make everything shiny again.

Logitech says that the internal rechargeable battery lasts for up to six months on a single charge, and the Keyboard Cover comes with a three-year warranty. You recharge it using a standard micro USB cable, which is provided with the Keyboard Cover.

Overall, this would be handy for someone who uses their iPad for work as well as play, but for $130, it seems a little too flawed: I wish it had stronger magnets to hold it in place.