Review: Tt eSPORTS Shock

The Shock is a corded, over-the-ear gaming headset priced well below the curve at just $80.

NameGaming headset: Tt eSPORTS Shock
At a glance:Great general sound quality,Open-ear headphones,Noise-calcelling microphone
Summary:The Shock is easy to set up and does the job.

Thermaltake’s latest foray into gaming peripherals is arriving on New Zealand shores, and the Tt eSports Shock shows that the company is committed to high-end, high quality gear. The headset is corded, and connects to your PC via the 3.5mm audio jack, so you can plug it in and get going right away.

The Shock has open, over-ear headphones, so there is some sound leakage but it’s intentional. The ear cups fold in for easy transport, and have large, square, padded cups that should be very comfortable. Unfortunately, however, when I put them on, I discovered that even with the headband on the smallest setting, the headset was too large and squeezed my head in the wrong place. There are ten levels of adjustment on the headband and I still couldn’t get it short enough to fit right. This meant that I couldn’t wear the headset for longer than half an hour at a time, but if you have a relatively large head that shouldn’t be a problem.

The headset’s frequency response is 20Hz-20kHz, which is fairly ordinary for a gaming headset, but sound quality is fantastic and detailed. When listening to orchestral, in-game music, I could easily differentiate between different instruments and sounds. When turned up as loud as it would go, the headset didn’t snap, crackle, or pop. High notes were nice, in particular, although deep tones weren’t exactly mind-blowing.

If you’re the type to talk over voice chat, the noise-cancelling microphone on the headset is high-quality, and of the fold-down variety rather than the removable kind, so it won’t get lost. When playing back recorded audio, we could hear some background noise intruding, but not a lot.

The Tt eSports Shock is a great-sounding headset, and would earn five stars if the bass sounds were better. It does what it’s supposed to, and does those things well.

TUNES TO GO: The shock folds closed for transport.