E3: Eyes-on: Dead Rising 3

Siobhan Keogh gets a sly glimpse of Dead Rising 3 at the E3 conference in LA.

NameDead Rising 3
Summary:In many ways, Dead Rising 3 looks like the Dead Rising we know and love, but we're concerned that the darker tone might not add to the absurdity but instead take away from it.
Games Info:Developer: Capcom Vancouver; Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Classification:Not yet rated
Platform:Xbox One
Test Platform:Xbox One

Dead Rising 2 was one of the silliest games the team at PC World have ever played - right up there with the Saint's Row series. The absurdity of the game is definitely its major appeal, and Dead Rising 3 doesn't seem to have lost that. But it has changed quite a bit.

The name 'Dead Rising' is pretty self-explanatory - it's a series of zombie apocalypse games, where you can construct all kinds of ridiculous, over-the-top weapons and carve through hordes of slow-moving zombies. You change outfits and ride on tiny bicycles, and anything and everything you pick up could potentially be turned into a weapon. It's always been about crazy, gleeful fun above everything else.

Dead Rising 3 takes place in Los Perdidos, a city in California, and takes place ten years after Dead Rising 2. The game begins 72 hours after Los Perdidos suffers an outbreak of zombie-ism, and follows a mechanic called Nick Ramos.

This time around, the game is open world, and you'll need vehicles to get around. There are a range of vehicles to choose from, ranging from beat up 80s cars, to construction vehicles, to classic Mustangs and Lamborghinis. You can drive through hordes of zombies in a car, and it's a very effective weapon, but it won't make you completely safe. Zombies can latch onto the side of your vehicle and break your windows, so it's best to drive through the thinnest part of the horde when you can.

Not all zombies are created equal in Dead Rising 3 - some are more difficult to fight than others. There are firefighter zombies, who have some lingering memory of who they once were and will hang around fires. They're more heavily armoured than other zombies, and tend to be grouped together for added difficulty.

As you make your way through Los Perdidos, you'll come across various items which, when you have a blueprint, can be combined to make weapons. Unlike in previous games, you won't need to find a work bench to craft anything - you just have to look around to make sure you're safe and you can create your flaming broadsword right then and there.

Dead Rising 3 is a bit grimmer than previous versions of the game, and there seem to be different schools of thought on why. When we spoke with Dead Rising 3's executive producer, Josh Bridge, he told us the darker tone was for greater comedic value - it's supposed to heighten the absurdity of then combining a sledgehammer and a cement saw to create a 'sledgesaw' and throwing it at a zombie to carve it clean in half.

But Capcom have also said that the grimmer take was intended to appeal to a different kind of audience - specifically, an audience that likes Call of Duty. Cringe.

In many ways, Dead Rising 3 looks like the Dead Rising we know and love, but we are concerned that the darker tone might not add to the absurdity but instead take away from it. We'll find out along with everyone else when the game releases in November, as a launch exclusive for the Xbox One.