Hands-On: Logitech's Pro X Gaming Headphones are worth the upgrade

They don't sound that much better but they will make you sound better

Credit: Logitech

Building on the solid-as-hell foundation established with last year’s “esports-grade” gaming headset, Logitech’s new Pro X headphones promise to look better, sound better and - best of all - make you sound better on Discord (or whatever alternative comms platform you rely on for in-game voice chat). 

That last one specifically comes courtesy of Blue Microphones. Logitech acquired them in 2018. They're now reaping the benefits.

Now, the original Logitech Pro gaming headphones have been my go-to for a good couple months. Sure, I occasionally cycle them out to review other stuff, but they’re the set of over-ear gaming headphones that I always come back to. 

In my review, I said that "If you’re looking for a dead-simple gaming headset that delivers solid results, the Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset isn’t just an option. It’s one of the best."

Even months later, I still dig the design and they sound right-on when it comes to gaming experiences where picking up on directional audio cues is critical - such as Overwatch. Even compared to the Razer and Sennheisers of the gaming headphones space, the Logitech G Pro gaming headset are the peripheral I keep coming back to. 

Credit: Logitechs

Regardless, upon setting myself up with the new Logitech Pro X gaming headphones, the advantages and areas where Logitech have improved became pretty clear - specifically, when it came to the microphone side of the equation. I don’t think I’d go so far as to say the original Pro headphones had close to a studio quality microphone but my usual gaming teammates definitely noticed the step up in quality that came with upgrading to the Pro X.

The biggest reason for this is that the Logitech Pro X is Logitech’s first gaming headset to come integrated with their new Blue VO!CE software. Developed by Blue and enabled through Logitech's G HUB software, Blue VO!CE offers up a bevy of real-time microphone effects that enable for cleaner and more professional-sounding voice communication.

“Holy shit, is that a new microphone?” was pretty much the first thing I head after setting up these headphones and hopping into Discord. 

And where the original Pro headphones used mostly practical materials - the Pro X leans towards the luxury side of things. The leatherette earpads are a little more comfortable. The frame feels a little more sturdy. And given that it is a little more expensive, these changes help the headset come across as much more worthy of the high-end asking price.

Most wired gaming headphones don’t cost this much - but the Logitech Pro X gaming headphones feel slick enough to handle that I wanted to give em a pass. That says something.

Credit: Logitech

And while the ‘makes-you-sound-better’ part of the pitch is definitely the more noteworthy upgrade that the Pro X offer over Logitech’s original Pro gaming headphones, it is also worth noting that they do sound a little better. 

Like the regular Pro gaming headset, the Pro X are powered by a 50mm Audio driver that’s been crafted from a hybrid mesh material. However, unlike their less-premium counterpart, the Pro X also offer DTS Headphone: X 2.0 surround sound support. It’s not a game-changer or particularly exclusive addition but it does help justify the higher price a little better. 

The one weak link here is the in-line control box. It feels like really cheap and it’s not super intuitive to use. Honestly, the fact that I ended up consciously relying on the volume dial built into on my keyboard over Logitech’s own physical controller says it all. 

Of course, at this point, I’m at a loss for what I can say about the Logitech G Pro X gaming headset that hasn’t already been said. 

In his full review, PC World’s Hayden Dingman wrote that “Logitech’s G Pro X is the company’s best headset yet.”

I don’t disagree and I don't really know what else I can really add to the discussion.

“If you’re not bothered by wires though, then absolutely, give the G Pro X a look. With excellent sound fidelity and a top-tier microphone, it’s easily the best all-around gaming headset on the market.”

The Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset is available through via LogitechG.com, Amazon, JB Hi-Fi and other local retailers for $249.95.

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