Four places you can experience VR in Sydney

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As far as value for money goes, virtual reality is still a pretty dicey proposition for most consumers. There's definitely some exciting VR content out there for early adopters but maybe not quite enough for everyday consumers to justify investing in their own equipment.

Thankfully, a new breed of entertainment business is on the rise. One that promises to make VR a somewhat more accessible technology to experience however you want, whenever you want, at a more-affordable price.

Here are four places you can experience virtual reality in Sydney.

Virtual Reality Rooms

Located a few minutes walk from Town Hall station, Virtual Reality Rooms blends together VR and escape rooms to create unique, immersive experiences that task you and several friends with working together to escape certain peril.

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Virtual Reality Rooms co-founder Christal Ho says that “virtual reality is an exciting new space and is the future, allowing you to experience and do things you never could in the real world. Most people have heard of VR and are intrigued by it, but haven't experienced VR themselves, or it's been very limited to basic VR equipment or experiences.”

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That’s where businesses like Virtual Reality Rooms come in. It puts high-spec, clean and comfortable VR equipment and experiences into the hands of those who for whom it is often out of reach.

Virtual Reality Rooms currently offers two VR experiences - Cosmos and Mind Horror - with more on the way.

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Ventus VR Arena

Loosely inspired by the Zero Latency VR experience in Brisbane, Ventus VR Arena offers up a modern, team-based first person shooter experience in VR. You - and up to seven other players - strap on the latest MSI-powered VR backpack computers and equip yourself with a range of different weapons. Each player has access to five different weapons, from a machine gun to a sniper rifle to a rocket launcher.

Once you’re in, you’re in. Ventus VR Arena plays like a thrilling combination of Halo, Overwatch and Laser Tag. You’re split into two teams and tasked with navigating multi-leveled VR environments. Maintaining control of the highlighted zone in the center of the map and killing enemy players nets you points. The team with the most wins.

At the moment, there’s only one experience on offer here. However, each match plays out over two different maps, providing some variety.

Credit: Ventus

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VR Corner

Pitched as a “Sydney’s First VR Cafe”, VR Corner is located in the heart of Sydney and gives patrons the chance to experience all sorts of experiences from brief, intensive VR experience to longer, multiplayer ones.

Credit: VR Corner

VR Corner even emphasis locally-produced VR content, VR Corner They say they’re the exclusive place to experience exclusive titles from Blue Volcano , Alta and S1T2.

Pricing at VR Corner is tiered by both time and content access, with the beginners pass starting at $35 for 30 hours of playtime.

Credit: S1T2

For more information, visit

Virtual Room Sydney

Located between Town Hall and Wynyard stations, Virtual Room Sydney offers patrons the chance to immerse themselves in collaborative VR experience with up to eleven players.

Like Virtual Reality Rooms, Virtual Room Sydney offers a pair of forty-five minute VR adventures that see groups solve puzzles and race against time.

Credit: Virtual Room

However, unlike their competition, Virtual Room Sydney’s adventures involve time-travel and blend together a variety of settings from the Wild West to science fiction to Ancient Egypt.

For more information, check out

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