LG Secret KF750

This phone isn’t actually a secret. We’d probably be sued for publishing this review if it was. It’s just nicknamed the ‘Secret’ because LG says it tantalises users. Confused? You aren’t supposed to be. Gadget endearments exist to make phones easily recognisable in catalogues and stores.

Refined and stylish, the Secret will appeal to the fashion conscious. That’d be why it’s categorised as a fashion phone. Even opening the box is an elegant experience, what with its minimalist black packaging tucked inside its equally minimalist black box. To be fair, this phone is much more than just fashionable-looking though. For starters it is well built with quality materials; tempered glass and carbon fibre to be precise. This is a good indication that there was more than style in mind when it was designed.

The latest in LG’s posh black label series, the KF750 tests very well overall. A slider, when activated its main navigation buttons and touch controls illuminate a bright cobalt blue. I use the term ‘touch controls’ loosely though, because you can actually only access the full touchscreen functionality in ‘Touch Media’ mode. Once this mode is enabled, you can then view documents, photos and use the radio, music player and games. All by touch. It’s a waste of talent though since it works so well and could have been applied more generously to the rest of the phone.

Now for another wee gripe. This phone chews through battery like it has bulimia. I couldn’t get any more than two days charge out of it even when I used the bare basic of its functions. This isn’t a biggie, but means keeping a charger at both home and work.

Don’t get me wrong though, I adore this belle despite these minor flaws. On the upside, it has a brilliant 5.0 megapixel camera. It did well in all testing conditions and was a doddle to use. As for the phone’s overall usability, it gets top marks. Not once did I need to consult the manual or scour the menu for anything.

There are some really cool flash-based wallpaper choices available, including a stylised flower that sheds floating petals. Nice customisable touches like that count for a lot in a phone. Internet navigation is a delight, and speedy thanks to the 3G broadband. In the main menu there is a handy Google shortcut that includes links to Facebook and YouTube.

One overseas review described this phone as a “Smudge farm”. Its piano black finish does admittedly attract fingerprints, but I haven’t actually seen a stylish phone in recent years that doesn’t.

I also really love the KF750’s games. I’ve never seen anything like them on a cellphone before. Controlled by a motion sensor, you actually move the phone to play. For example with the fishing game, you flick your wrist to cast the rod and tug it upwards to hook fish. I’m surprised LG hasn’t made more of a fuss about this neat ability.

For a fashion phone, the Secret hasn’t been compromised in its overall functionality. What’s not to love? The minor glitches don’t even come close to outweighing all the really good stuff.

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