Preview: PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter

In early March, PC World staff got the chance to go to Sony Computer Entertainment's Auckland offices for an hour of hands-on time with the PlayStation Move attachment, the Sharp Shooter.

NameGaming gun peripheral: PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter
At a glance: Doesn’t require charging,More realistic gaming experience,Comes in one shade of red/pink,Arms can tire quickly
Test Platform:PS3

In early March, PC World staff got the chance to go to Sony Computer Entertainment’s Auckland offices for an hour of hands-on time with the PlayStation Move attachment, the Sharp Shooter.

While there have been pistol-shaped Move add-ons before, this one has a full-on machine-gun shape (although I think the bright reddish-pink colour will give it away if you try to rob a dairy) and features that give it a little bit more of a “real” feel.

Your Move wand plugs into the top of the Sharp Shooter through the same connector you use to charge the wand’s battery. The gun draws power from the Move controller, but we were told it didn’t have any significant impact on battery life. You can’t use your regular wireless PlayStation controller’s joystick to move around, as it won’t fit into the bottom part of the Sharp Shooter, but you can buy a Move device with the stick on it that slots right in.

Like any gun, the Sharp Shooter has its own trigger, but the extra features don’t end there – on some games you can flick a switch to change it from semi- to full-automatic, and you can press a button on the bottom of the gun’s magazine to reload quickly. It’s also just fun because you get the ‘real’ feeling of pushing a new mag/clip into the gun without having to actually change fake mags.

Aside from buttons, there is a handy mechanical feature in that the shoulder stock can be adjusted to suit the user. We found the Sharp Shooter to be quite heavy when we had the stock fully extended, but pushing the stock in so you’re hold the gun closer to your body should help. Alternatively, the Move is accurate enough that you could just shoot from the hip rather than holding it up with aching arms. Or you could just man up – you’re in the army now, son!

One of the PlayStation reps at the office told us he’d been playing online multiplayer with the Move and Sharp Shooter, and he reckoned he was as good with the gun as he was with the wireless controller. We’re not sure most gamers would agree. It’s hard to go from the dualshock controller, which every console gamer is used to, to an actual gun peripheral.

Our resident PC gamer, however, only spent a few minutes with his character accidentally spinning around in circles before he got the hang of the device. Having played through Killzone 3 already with the Move, I certainly felt that having the Sharp Shooter attachment would have made my gaming experience easier, more realistic and less hand-crampy, but I’m not sure I would’ve been any better than with a wireless controller.

While gun attachments for motion games aren’t exactly new, there’s something a little bit different about the Sharp Shooter. Fact is, it’s just plain cool to use, and it’s much more satisfying when you get an epic killstreak. There are going to be a few games for you to use the gun with, including Killzone 3, Dead Space Extraction and Time Crisis Razing Storm. If you’re into PS3 shooters, why not?

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